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10 Questions to Test your Love Relationship

“The greatest relationships are the ones you never expected to be in.”

And, believe me, it is out-of-this-world!

Well, there are peaks and valleys in every relationship. And, a time comes when you both can’t be able to bear that situation. This is the occasion when you need online relationship coaching. Yes, attending the sessions will prove very lucrative for you and your partner for sure. Just open your laptop and join the Skype to get the favorable lessons to improve your love life.

Here are 10 questions, using which you can test the compatibility between you and your partner effectively.
Let us start…
All the very best!

#Question 10: How often you both talk in a day? 1-2 times? 5-10 times? More than 10 times?
Answer: If your answer is 1-2 times, then you need to increase the times. If it is 5 times, then your relationship is average. And, if it 10 times and more, then your relationship is at the supreme verge.

#Question 9: How many times have you said, “I love you” to your partner? 10 times? Or More times?
Answer: The survey has stated that saying “I love you” will generate the positive vibes and give you a long life. It should be around 10 times.

#Question 8: Would you compromise your happiness for your partner? Yes or No?
Answer: If you really love your partner, then your answer must be “Yes”.

#Question 7: How often do you meet in a week? Won’t meet? 1-2 Times?
Answer: If you both are nine-to-fiver, then after how many times will you meet in a week, how many times you go on a date? Think well and then answer.

#Question 6: Is your lover your best friend too? Yes or No?
Answer: The person, with whom you are going to share your entire life, must be your best friend. Two best friends are the best lovers.

#Question 5: Would you ever say “Sorry” to your partner, even if it’s not your fault? Yes or No?
Answer: If you value your relationship more than yourself, then you would not hesitate to say sorry if it is not your fault too.

#Question 4: How many times you are on a romantic vacation in a year? 1 time? 4 times? Or More than 4?
Answer: The romantic vacation for 15 days is a must to make your relationship stronger. So, if your answer is 4 times, then it is perfect.

#Question 3: Are you both aware of each other likes and fears? Yes or No?
Answer: This will reveal that how better you know each other. The fears and likes are the best two things that are enough to test your relationship.

#Question 2: Do you ever lie to your partner? Yes or No?
Answer: Never ever, lie to your partner in any case. No matter, which the situation is, never say lie.

#Question 1: Do all your friends know about your love partner? Yes or No?
Answer: If you feel proud and happy to have your partner in your life, then you won’t hesitate to accept him/her in front of the entire world.

If all your answers are “No” and the number is “less”, then you need building relationships training California.

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