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10 things to do before you die!

The thought of death is sure a scary one. Even scarier is thought of life being so uncertain. It’s the best to make the most of all the moments and time you’re gifted by doing what you love the most or something that you’ve always wanted to do. Why be scared of death when you can actually decide what things you want to do before you die so that you don’t miss out on anything in life! Yes, the idea of having a bucket list or doing something crazy that you’ve always wanted to do may look like an idea, straight out of a movie. But it’s totally worth it. So here’s a bucket list, we feel everybody should make!

1. Pack your bags and set off for a random location with no itinerary planned at all. Just go with the flow and watch where your feet lead you to.
2. Plant your own tree and watch it grow.
3. Participate in a marathon. Challenge yourself to run continuously for a marathon. And the best part is that you’ll be supporting a noble cause. Definitely pays to sweat it out.
4. Go snorkeling and experience marine life up close. You’ll love this eve more if you’re an animal lover.
5. Try skydiving! This one’s probably one of the scariest things to do voluntarily, but it’ll be worth the thrills.
6. Develop a talent. Learn to speak a new language, paint, dance, sing or anything else that you’ve always wanted to do.
7. Join a flash mob! Remember the flash mob at CST? If you weren’t a part of it, then plan one with your friends again, involve people and get ready for the ultimate flash mob.
8. Volunteer for an orphanage. It’ll greatly change you and the life of others. There’s nothing better than nurturing the lives of others before you die.
9. Gift your loved ones something they always wanted. You don’t need a reason to make your loved ones feel special. So, stop waiting for occasions and gift them something they’ve always wanted them. It’ll surprise and touch them.
10. Fall in love. No feeling in the world can be better than this. So, don’t wait for the so-called ‘right’ time. Just go with the flow and allow your heart to fall in love.

After reading this list, you must be definitely contemplating to do at least one of these things once in your life. But, don’t wait for the future to give you a chance to do these things; if there’s time to do what you love or have always wanted to do, it’s now. You sure are good at completing your to-do list in your office, but don’t forget to meet this to-do list of your life.

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