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11 Top Tips To Be More Creative

Everyone has a creative side, whether they can paint great masterpieces, write classic novels, make effective decisions or solve problems. In some people the creative side is supressed, but in others it is closer to the surface.

Whatever you want to have more creativity for, you can develop your creativity through hypnosis and reaching inside yourself for your hidden talents.

The following eleven steps will help you to develop your creativity.

* Do crosswords and other puzzles that exercise your brain. The more these require you to access your creative side, the more you will develop that side of your brain.

* Create lists – you can increase your creativity and get that side of your brain working by making a list whenever you have a problem which needs some creative thinking. Write down as many ideas as you can to solve the problem and let your creativity flow. Don’t question them as they come to you, just write them all done.

* Work as part of a team. Working and brainstorming in a group allows you to express your creativity, but to also learn from the other people in the group by seeing how they are creative.

* Make changes in your life so you can get past your creative blocks. Your personal or career life may not allow you to be creative, so make changes so you can express that side of yourself.

* When you try to be creative, you may find you are not coming up with amazing ideas immediately. Keep practising and develop these ideas and you will start to create great ideas.

* Instead of telling yourself you can’t do it and you can’t be creative, start telling yourself that you can. This will program yourself for creativity.

* When faced with a situation where you have to be creative, remember times from the past when you were creative – this will help get you into the right frame of mind.

* If your creativity is blocked then just take some time out and doodle – just let your mind go and you may be surprised just what you come up with.

* Hire a life coach or see a hypnotist to help enhance your creativity. An outside point of view can often help you get past the blocks that have been preventing you from being creative.

* Often the adult side of your brain inhibits your creativity. You worry about what other people will think and whether you are right or wrong. Unleash your inner child which has none of these inhibitions and will allow you to access your creativity.

* If you are stressed or tense then you may find your creativity doesn’t flow very well. If you relax and let yourself stress go then you will find your creativity flows better. Take some deep breaths or do something else so your creativity can be allowed to flow.

Having more creativity can help you in your professional life and help you get ahead in your career. It can help you improve your personal life by finding creative solutions to your problems. These eleven steps will help you to be more creative.

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