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2 Points To Be Aware Of When It Comes To Lyme Disease In Cats

Lyme disease is regarded as the popular tick-borne infection in the United States. It not merely affects individuals but also animals, such as home pets including pet cats. Knowing this particular ailment is critical to protecting your home pets from being contaminated. These are some of the factors you need to know concerning transmission and protection against Lyme disease to pet cats:

The infection is transported through the bite of an infected tick

Lyme disease is transported through the bite of the infected tick. The bacteria responsible for causing Lyme disease is usually found on deer and also mice. When a tick eats the infected animal, it becomes a carrier and will transfer the disease to other animals as well as people. Ticks having Lyme disease are often most rampant during the summer time. The warning signs of Lyme disease in cats are diverse and can range from loss of appetite and weakness to less frequent and more severe symptoms like internal organ issues.

It can be avoided by keeping the pet cat beyond infested areas or through the utilization of tick repellant goods

The top and most obvious strategy to keep your cat from getting infected is to keep it from areas regarded as inhabited by ticks such as wooded as well as grassy spots. In case you can’t keep your pet cat from such places, you can use a number of tick repellant items. These products could be purchased at veterinary treatment centers, at family pet retailers or through the Net. Tick repellants are generally utilized topically as cream-based remedies, sprays and shampoos or could be used by your pet as a collar. Cream-based repellants are usually utilized on your cat’s back every month. Another alternative would be tick-repellant sprays that are misted over the cat’s hair. Other sprays may help eliminate ticks already existing on the fur of domestic pets. If you suspect your cat has been exposed to a tick, spray the item on your cat’s fur. Special pet cat hair shampoos are an additional valuable solution to Lyme disease. These shampoos are specially made with Pyrethrin and also insect growth regulators. The two elements destroy fleas and ticks thus avoiding probable infections. They can also stop re-infestation for about 4 weeks. These kinds of special shampoos have pleasing scents and may have hair conditioners to help make your cat’s hair smoother as well as healthier.

An alternative to current remedies will be to allow your cat use a special tick-repelling collar which contains Pyrethrin. These types of collars perform like flea collars by giving off a certain fragrance which repels ticks and also keeps them from attacking cats. If you choose to utilize the tick-repelling collar, be certain that it is the appropriate size for your cat so that it doesn’t quickly come off or hurt your pet. Furthermore, check out the item to see that it’s free from amitraz, that is created only for dogs and could injure cats.

The best safeguard against Lyme infection is awareness about its nature, symptoms and treatment.

Written by Patricia Strasser. For additional information on Lyme disease, visit