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2097 by Flos

There are many products in this world that do not need a salesman speech to be sold. Flos 2097 is such a product. Its inherent design is capable enough to convice the prospective customers. Better known as Flos 2097, it is indeed a series name where two similar products are offered. In detail they are named as Flos 2097/30 and Flos 2097/50. Here 30 and 50 indicate the total number of bulbs used in these illumination devices.

In single statement Flos 2097 is a lavishing pendant light that does not only illuminates your home interior but also creates some artistic forms. Suitable for residential as well as industrial facility uses, the central structure of Flos 2097 is made of steel. From this central steel structure some brass arms come out that hold the bulbs.

Designed to create some lighting effect with its diffused lights, Flos 2097 is appropriate for them who has meaning of lighting effects. It is designed to give different meaning to empty spaces with its diffused light and thus it aims toward creating sensational lighting. If you want direct or indirect light, then Flos has many other products in their consumer suspension collection rather than Flos 2097.

2097 is an exceptional product. It is different in style, design and light effect. Therefore if you are looking some lighting device that will simply entice others, then 2097 from Flos would be your perfect choice. As the name brand, Flos, is attached to it, you are assured of getting product of highest quality and superior designing abilities.

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