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3 Basic Blogging Tips and Tricks for Beginner Bloggers

If you are not committed to maintaining your blog, it would end up a failure so better not start. Maintaining a blog is very easy; all you need is to regularly post articles at least twice a week, and then add some videos or links or manifest an activity in it. That way, your blog would look alive, interactive, and updated. If you already have a website and would want to incorporate a blog in it, make sure that you are committed enough especially with your time and effort.

Here are basic blogging tips and tricks for first time bloggers:

1. Theme – Make sure that you have a theme that suits your intention for your blog. Most of the free blog sites like WordPress have ready made basic themes and designs to choose from but they also allow you to customize it further. If you have extensive knowledge on html coding or you know someone who’s fluent in making customized themes, you might want to contact them. The good thing about using a customized theme is that you are able to have better control on the things you would want to see on your blog. For instance, you might want a video streaming at the left hand portion instead of the usual sidebar menu which is the default design, you can do that with your customize theme. You can even set the dimensions for the header design so that if you want to make a statement even at the very top of your blog, you can do so. Plus, a theme is one of the first things readers would notice when browsing through your blog. If it is presentable yet very creative, they would have that impression that you really are putting a lot of effort and energy for that blog.

2. Optimize – Don’t just post any other article under the sun. Well, practically you can but remember that you are blogging for business; you are blogging because you want to be a successful internet marketer. So, after you publish an article, optimize that post so that the readers and the search engine spiders would be able to locate it. If you want to get basic optimization tips and tricks, you can check out It’s a very helpful forum site of almost all marketers online which are very willing and generous to share their experience and help those who need answers.

3. Quality articles – This is your ultimate goal; to provide your readers with valuable information through your articles. If you don’t post original and informative articles, what would the readers be interested for? If they did not like or were not satisfied with your article, they won’t ever come back to your site again. Or if they found you post very boring and clearly a copy of another article posted online, they would think of you as unreliable and not credible. So make sure that you take the time to post articles and research to come up with great content.

There are more areas to cover when you start blogging seriously. The level of commitment must be very high to sustain you through the rough road. I tell you, it is not an easy road for the reason that there are so many things that you might need to do first, or that the cash inflow is very small because you were just starting yet, or simply you might lose that enthusiasm in the long run. If you want to be successful in blogging, learn from the teachings and mistakes of those who have already been there.

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