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3 Of The Most Crucial Internet Marketing Tools For Online Success

Like in any job or business you have certain tools, strategies and systems that make your working process more effective, efficient and productive. Whether it’s a computer system, an up-to-date phone system, spreadsheets, or a filing system that keep things organised I’m sure you’ll agree that these tools are crucial. When it comes to Internet Marketing there’s a plethora of tools to use that will enhance your internet marketing strategy and help you run your business like a true professional and produce better results.

Unlike the vast majority of other business models you can get access to a lot of Internet marketing tools at little or no cost but when it comes to taking your business to the next level you will need to invest some cash to get the best tools that are available. As an online marketing professional, here are some of the best Internet marketing tools available for someone who wants to run an online business properly.

1. Keyword Research

The leader in the keyword research tools market right now is Market Samurai and that’s really because it does so much more than just basic keyword research. Market Samurai also helps you research domains for your business, track how well you’re ranking for specific keywords and has an extremely powerful SEO competition research module included too. All in all it’s a very complete solution that will save you having to spend your cash on several different tools.

2. Autoresponders

You may have heard people say “the money is in the list” and this is basically referring to the fact that building a mailing list from day one with your online business is one of the most valuable things you can do.

To automate this process you’ll need a service called an autoresponder and the single best one of those available right now is Aweber. Getting into the specifics of how an autoresponder works goes beyond the scope of this article but if you want to build a long-term online presence then you’ll need an autoresponder.

3. Content Management System (CMS)

And of course you’re going to need some place to upload your content to when you’ve finished choosing your domain name, done your keyword research and are now ready to build your list and the best content management system I can recommend (that suits every knowledge and ability level) is the WordPress blogging platform. And even better is that this software is free, is extremely easy-to-use, has zillions of add-ons (called plugins) to provide even more features and it comes with a quick install feature (called Fantastico) with 99.9% of the hosting accounts you sign up for these days.

Usually when people are on the subject of Internet marketing (IM) tools they tend to start thinking about what the best Internet marketing strategies are. There’s an awful lot of them to choose from folks but if there’s one that’s more valuable than others it’s the concept of having a business model that you can replicate easily, operate from any location and that has scalability.

It should be easy to replicate so you can eventually hire somebody to do that work for you. It should be portable because that’s why you got into IM in the first place. And it needs to be scalable so you can grow each online business you build over time. You can look at that as more of a philosophy than a strategy if you wish but if you look at the big hitters in Internet marketing this is how they operate – because it works.

Now you should have a much clearer picture of exactly what you need to run your online business like a professional?

Now you have your internet marketing tools sorted, the next step is to have a profitable online business to use them in.