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3 Things You Won’t Believe People Did While On Club Drugs

By now, most people are aware that club drugs are illegal, and that they can be dangerous. However, most people are unaware of just how impaired one’s judgment can become while under the influence of club drugs. It’s not hype, and it’s not make-believe. Drugs such as GHB, Ketamine, Ecstasy, Rohypnol, along with LSD and Methamphetamines can severely impact a person’s judgment at even a small dose. The following examples and similar stories are becoming more frequent as time goes on. Anyone who thinks club drugs are harmless, or are not responsible for some dangerous and stupid things should read on.

Smuggling Drugs Aboard a Military Plane

Recently, pair of Military men, one a Captain in the United States Military, were found guilty of smuggling in one of the more popular club drugs aboard a military plane. They were charged with not only smuggling, but conspiring to possess and distribute the drug. These are not stupid people, obviously. Yet, their desire to take and sell the drug overcame even common sense. It is quite possible that the decision to do this was done while under the influence of Ecstasy. It certainly is difficult to fathom that a Captain in the Air National Guard would, under normal circumstances decide to use a military aircraft to smuggle drugs. They were each sentenced to 210 months (17 ½ years) in prison.

Committing Violent & Sexual Acts

A Tampa Florida man was recently sentenced to 200 years in prison for intentionally distributing the club drug GHB to 9 men, without their knowledge, with the intent of committing violent and/or sexual acts. Two of those men were subsequent homicide victims. He was originally charged with only 6 of the crimes. His online boasting of the crimes, which he did with each victim, was part of the proof offered in court. Again, would anyone in their right minds either commit these acts, or boast online about them? True, he has deeper issues, but his judgment would have seriously been impaired through the use of club drugs. GHB is also known as the “Date rape drug”, as it commonly renders people unconscious and/or causes temporary amnesia. Because it is odorless, colorless and tasteless, people are unaware they have been given the drug, which is often put into drinks at clubs by predators.


Amy Winehouse could have been the poster child for many drugs, but club drugs eventually contributed to her death. Toward the end of her tragic life, videos and news stories were abundant. Not about her singing voice, but her drug and alcohol use and her behavior as a result. Patrons would pay for tickets to hear her sing, only to see her mumble and stumble on the stage. Ketamine; one of the more popular club drugs, was among her last purchases just hours before her death. Anyone who believes that these drugs are not harmful needs only to investigate the life of this otherwise promising young performer. She had fatally ingested, it is believed, not only Ketamine but also Ecstasy, which were bought in that last binge. The combination of those two, combined with cocaine, is thought to have caused her death.

Clear and Present Danger

Club drugs and their use are far from past history. Although they first hit the club scene in the 1970s, they are still popular today. Most young people believe that these drugs are harmless. They are under the mistaken assumption that they are not addictive, which is part of the reason many of them first try using them. In fact, many of the older users of club drugs think they are somehow safer than other drugs. The fact is; club drugs are responsible for more crimes and deaths than ever before.

Becky Winslow is a recovering addict who is passionate about drug education and drug addiction. Becky now shares her success by writing for the Narconon Drug Rehab network.