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4 Periodontal Marketing Ideas To Increase Your Month Revenue

4 Periodontal Marketing Ideas To Increase Your Month Revenue

As a dental marketing expert, I can say running a successful practice takes more than having the right skills to perform your duty. In this ever-growing industry, you have to know how to market your practice and services. By keeping this major factor in mind you can make the most of your time, money and effort.
Fortunately for everyone who is in this business, marketing isn’t rocket science. In fact, specialty dentistry is a business just like any other where you can implement different marketing strategies to bring in more patients and earn more revenue. In today’s digital era most of the marketing efforts are centralized around the website, social media channels, uniqueness content creation, and good outsource.

Periodontal Marketing Ideas To Grow Your Practice

Patient’s feedback and suggestions are the most prior marketing strategy to promote your practice. This will build the trust of your new patients on your practice because you can’t be everywhere but your patients can!! Word-of-mouth marketing has a huge power to convince people to come to you when they are in need of a periodontal service. Testimonials allow patients to write their experience about the treatment at your practice. A website like Google map, Yelp, Bing are the best places to ask your patients to write a feedback!
Specialty dentistry is a highly competitive business where it’s extremely difficult to bring in new patients, thanks to expensive treatment options. However, you can really get an edge over your competition by offering affordable financing option and/or private dental plans. Patient financing allows you to finance your patients on your own terms. This helps you retain patients, attract new patients and increase monthly revenue.
With a help of a patient relationship management platform, patients get the freedom to book their appointment from anywhere, anytime. It also comes with other benefits like automatic appointment reminder, canceling and rescheduling appointments, tracking payment history of a patient etc. A good PRM platform is an easy and conventional way to interact with your patients.
Let’s admit, there’s nothing as convenient as the accessibility of the internet in the palm of your hands. People tend to use smartphones to access the internet than a regular desktop. So it’s always advisable to build your website that is mobile-friendly as well as user-friendly. So your patients and target audience can access your website whenever they need.
Use these strategies to build a good reputation for your periodontal business and work to build a good rapport with your patients.