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5 Easy and Healthy Techniques to Deal With Your Stress

Stress is a normal body response in facing various needs or responsibilities of one’s life. The needs or responsibilities could be issues which come from the outside of a person (for example: a letter from a falling behind bank loan, friends, job, or relationship problem), or may also comes from one’s own self thinking (for example: how a person review or judge himself or herself). Stress is often labels as a bad thing. However, every person need some pressure indeed so that they can achieve a better life.

Healthy techniques to handle stress, among others are:

1. Taking a Catnap: A catnap for about 30 to 45 minutes should refresh the body back. A nap also can replenish your health and repair any damage in your body. Notable peoples who have benefit from day sleep or nap to deal with stress are John F Kennedy, Thomas Alva Edison and Salvador Dali.

2. Massaging: You can visit a professional massager or expert or ask your own couple or a friend to massage your neck and shoulder. By massaging you are not only relieving the tense muscles, but also improving your relationship or bond with your couple and friends.

3. Artistic Self Expression: Try to be creative and divert your energy positively. You can try to learn acting, or play musical instruments, photography, drawing, poetry or singing. Music is a very good stress defusing medium. Playing musical instrument or just listening to music alone has proven to be very helpful in relieving stress.

4. To Laugh Often: This technique is not a secret anymore. Your laugh can make the stress that you face to become lighter. This also makes you to always show people a pleasant expression on your face. People will like you, you will feel your burdens lighter. A pleasant expression also attracts more helping hands.

5. Be Soft to Yourself: Whether you realized it or not, in fact we are continuously talking to our self. Talking to our own self reflects self behavior and self image. You can change both of the things through positive talking to your own self. Better, the talking itself can generate changes in the chemical processes of the body which is beneficial, in a way by activating the nervous system that raises relaxation. On the other hand, negative self talking in oneself would result stimulation on sympathetic nervous system and creating a feel of body tiredness.

So handle and overcome your stress. Live happily and healthily. is a health blog focuses on various health topics. Our website at covers health information of many aspects; including physical, mental, spiritual, dietary, social and community with the aim to share information, cultivate and develop a healthy society.