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5 Easy Ways To Defeat Your Weight Loss Plateau

If you have snagged a plateau on your weight loss, here are five easy ways to get you back in the right direction. If you need to lose a few extra pounds, and you’ve hit a plateau, there are several ways to get your body back in the right direction. A plateau is when you are not losing weight any longer, and nothing has changed in your diet or exercise plan. Your body has excepted the changes to your diet and now refuses lose anymore weight. So you need to make changes to kick start your weight loss again. With these five free weight loss tips, you can do just that.

1. You need to change the calories you take in.

The first thing you need to change to overcome the plateau is to change your calories you take in. You have to look at how many calories you are eating and decrease them just a little and see if your scale moves. You can also try zig zagging, by decreasing calories one day, and then increase the calories the next day. This will take your body out of the zone it is in. Only make small changes and check your weight with each little change.

2. Substitute a few of your snacks.

If you eat a candy bar as a snack in the afternoon, try substituting this with fruits, and vegetables. Eat apples, carrots, and celery instead of the candy bar. Fruits and vegetables are a good healthy snack for you, and they are also filling.

3. Exercising a little longer than you normally do.

Another way to increase weight loss and get your body going again, is to exercise a little longer than you have been. Instead of 15 minutes a day, try 20 minutes a day. Walking is a good exercise and helps your heart rate increase. Park your car a farther from the mall, and walk. Walk the dog three times a day instead of two times. Take walks when you have a break at work. These changes can make a difference in your weight loss achievements.

4. Watch what you eat.

If you are eating sugar and carbohydrates on your weight loss diet, try replacing one or two of these with a high protein food. Protein is one of the best fat burners and energy boosters out there, and many trainers use them to raise their workout efforts. Protein also makes you feel full longer so you won’t eat an hour later. There are snack bars on the market now that are full of protein, so you can easily increase your energy during the day. Also you can increase the amount of water and fiber intake, because these will help with the hunger issue also.

5. Start eating smaller meals, through the day.

Stop eating two or three large meals a day, and try eating smaller, more periodic meals. Lower the portion sizes during your meals, and add little snacks in between each them. This will help with boosting your metabolism, and keep you from being hungry during the day.

These tips are to help you defeat your weight loss plateau so you can start losing weight once more. Weight loss diets can help you feel better than you ever have. Use these ideas to defeat your weight loss plateau, so you can reach your other weight loss goals.

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