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5 Reasons Why Most Golfers Never Break 90

“Golf is so popular because it is the best game in the world at which you can be bad” A.A. Milne

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Why, when equipment, golf balls, and golf course conditions are so much improved over the last 50 years that the player hasn’t matched it with his performance? In this article we will present some basic techniques that golfers can apply to achieve personal success in this somewhat frustrating sport.

It is not a golfers destiny to fail.

Too many golfers in trying to achieve that elusive score of 90 treat the game as something that “comes and goes” over which they have little control. Golf is not a mystical happening, only knowable to other players. However even though the average golfer has been playing for years, his improvement level has been very low. Many long time players never achieve that “average” threshold of 90 strokes ,which incidentally, has remained constant for decades.

Review these five principles and improve your golfing experience.

Of course go use this stuff!

1. Don’t overlook the absolute golf fundamentals

a. Is your grip neutral? Do you know what that means?
b. Do you recognize a proper grip.
c. Is your stance /posture consistent with good form for your physique?
d. Do you understand the basic/correct alignment position?

2. Golf is not intuitve for most players. You can’t do it by your self-

a. The instructional clinic with 6-8 golfers is standard (for the novice).
b. For the experienced golfer, private instruction at least once a month will keep a golfer on track.
c. No instruction, no gain!
d. The 2-3 day golf school will help all level of golfers INTEGRATE the basics.
e. The biggest detriment to progress is a failure to understand how the swing functions.
(Not the pieces,but the whole swing)

3. Lack of practise skills/ and or application of same.

a. Proper practice will improve a golfer, but improper practice enforces improper habits
b. Practicing with a driver is a bad plan!
c. Learn to spend time on the range with a 7 iron! Take a lesson on how to practice!
d. The best drill known to all excellent golfers is the “toe up to toe up” drill.

4. Lack of focus in practice and on the golf course, the mental game
“Golf is 90% mental” – (Jack Nicklaus)

a. Playing within your abilities requires knowing what they are !
b. Your par may not be someone elses par-
c. Most players have their share of “zone” moments- recognize these moments and enjoy them.
d. Are you an “A” personality in a “B” body
e.The 15th club is our mind-don’t waste it!

5. Take care of your health when on the course-(and practice)

a. Don’t lose energy near the 14th hole.
b. Eat lightly before play-consider what to eat at the “turn”
c. Alcohol causes dehydration-doesn’t enhance golf skills.—Sorry!
d. Energy bars taken during the round are helpful-not candy
e. Diabetics should take those items specific to their condition (type 1 or 2)

Attention to these fundamental ideas and how they apply to your own golf experiences should be your goal.The principles will not apply to everybody equally, but pick and choose the ones which apply to you and see the difference! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

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