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5 Secret Reasons Why Women Reject Men

So you did it! You worked up the courage to approach an attractive woman and start a conversation. But as soon as you open your mouth she finds a reason to get away from you.

The question is did you do something wrong or is she simply a rude person?

Well she might be mean, but she might also have a reason for her behavior. In fact, there might be a specific reason why she rejected you. In the next few minutes, I’ll cover 5 of the most common reasons why women reject men and what it means to you.

1- This woman is taken

One of the simplest reasons why a woman will reject you is because she has a boyfriend or husband. Now if she’s taken don’t be too disappointed. Simply move on to a woman who is available.

2- She is not in a good mood

It’s a simple truth that we all have bad days. Perhaps you approached this woman one hour after her dog died. So any attempt to draw her into conversation will meet with disaster.

You want to see how she’s acting before you approach. If she looks particularly angry or sullen, then you might want to talk to a different woman.

3- She is evil

Now one principle I try to internalize is the fact that ANY rejection I get is the result of something I did wrong on the approach. By adopting this attitude, I’m able to examine what I did and learn from it.

But there is a simple truth about some women. Sometimes you’ll encounter some women who are pure evil. Frankly they enjoy manipulating guys and hurting them. If you see scores of guys approaching a woman and walking away with a dejected look, then you she might be an evil girl.

4- She was recently hurt

There are some periods in a woman’s life where she is not interested in dating men. A lot of this is because some another guy deeply hurt her. So unfortunately your attempts could meet with a swift rebuke. To her, you represent ALL men who have hurt her during her lifetime.

5- She didn’t like your approach

The way you approached a woman was wrong. Perhaps you used a cheesy pick up line or you didn’t display the right kind of body language.

What’s promising is this the ONLY reason for rejection in which you have control. If you know the right way to approach a woman and initiate a conversation, then you’ll quickly reduce your chances of rejection.

There are many reasons why a woman will reject men. While you can’t control most of these factors, there is one major way to eliminate any chance of her turning you down. If you learn the right way to initiate a conversation, you’ll see a dramatic increase in your success with women.

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