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5 Tips for Planning Your Safari

Planning a trip is not at all easy, and should never be taken for granted. Last minute packing and go-with-the-flow attitude towards travel may work for some, but even when you are all up for an adventure, there should still be plans and back-ups. n If you want to make the most of your trip to the great Kruger National Park and have it as smooth as possible, you should plan and plot your safari. n 1. Research n Make sure you know where you are headed to and what you want to see and experience. You should know how to dress up, what the best spots are for anytime of the day, where you can have a quick snack, what are allowed or the no-no’s of the place. That way, you can avoid trouble and hassle. n n 2. Have a good agent n Canvass on the different agencies and see what they can offer you, compared to what you want, and how much your budget is. List them down before choosing, making sure that you would be able to choose the agency that would work out for you. n n 3. Book a ticket ahead n Do not have it during the last minute. You should plan out the best season to be there, book a ticket, and have a reservation with where you might stay for a night, if you would not want to be on the go 24/7. A ticket would serve as your assurance and motivation to work on making the best plans for your trip. Plus, it would be good to have an itinerary so there would not be a time or an opportunity wasted. n n 4. Pack lightly n That might be pretty hard especially when you do not want to go into the hassle of buying stuffs along the way. It is better to have a checklist of your needs: Appropriate outfits, first aid kits, medicines, food and drinks, etcetera. Once you have ticked everything on that list and you feel like it might be too much, organize. Your planned itinerary will help you decide on what and what not to bring. n n 5. Have a Plan B n You might have a perfect itinerary, but there might be bumps and bustles beyond your control along the way. Make sure to have an option when things fail, so it would not ruin the whole trip. n Yes, being spontaneous and adventurous are great traits of a traveler. But you might miss out too much if you had not planned for anything at all.

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