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5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Water Garden Pond

Having the right combinations of many items in your water garden pond must be complete to the balance of beauty of the water garden pond and keeping it healthy. Your breathtaking water garden pond is actually a small ecosystem. Be sure to equally combine those lovely water garden plants, colorful and active fish, natural snails, and even bacteria (these bacteria should be present in the water and soil).

We have in this article five quick tips to ensure that your water garden pond is getting the best care possible. Obviously this is only a short list of instructions but we consider them top priorities:

1. Be sure to dechlorinate the water. You may purchase kits that perform this task. Otherwise you may want to let it sit for two to four weeks. Next test the PH before you install any dirt or let your fish into the pond. The PH of your water garden pond should be as close to 7.0 as much as possible.

2. Don’t let too many plants and too much fish take over and overrun your pond. Don’t crowd it. By being too liberal on these items you will inadvertently promote algae to grow and fish diseases to occur.

3. A portion of the surface in your water garden pond should be clear of plants so that sunlight can reach the fish and plants that are submerged beneath. The amount of space left open should be approximately 1/3 of the top.

4. We know you want to get your favorite fish into your pond right away to start enjoying them in their new surroundings. However, it is extremely important to wait at least one to two weeks before you add your fish and plants. This is to allow everything to fall into sync.

5. Don’t remove the algae growth that may occur for the first six weeks. This is completely normal and your water garden pond should resolve the situation as things begin to balance out.

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