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6 Important Things about Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Vital things you need to know about adjustable rate mortgages include index, margin, adjustment period, advantages, payment caps, and carryovers.

Adjustable rate mortgages are often found on newspaper ads, portraying an affordable low rates for home loans. These loans have conventionally cheaper rates for only a short period of time. The rates are usually adjusted on a consistent basis. If you think of acquiring this kind of payment, get to know some important info.


The index is a used by the lending company to measure the changes of an interest rate. The most conventional indices used by the lending companies are the one, three, and five-year treasury securities, but there are others as well.


The margin is an interest rate that symbolizes the lender’s cost of the business and the amount of money to recover from the loan. It is added to the index rate to identify the total rate of your interest. It remains virtually the same in the whole duration of the loan.

Adjustment period

The period between a possible interest rate adjustment is termed as the adjustment period. ARM may be described in figures like 1-1, 3-1, or 5-1. The first figure means the initial period of the loan, the period wherein the interest rate will stay the same as the day loan papers were signed. The second figure is the adjustment time, demonstrating how often adjustments can be done to the rate after the initial period has commenced.


Adjustable rate mortgages have less costly initial rates than those under fixed rate mortgages which makes them more affordable. They allow you to get higher loans. Second advantage is that this type of payment can be cheaper in future. The chances of interest rates propelling up is equal to the chance of going lower. It can have cheaper interest rates, that means it can have a lower monthly cost. This type of payment can also be taken as a trade off.

Payment caps

The payment caps retricts on how much your monthly payments can increase on each adjustment periods. The adjustable rate mortgages with payment caps do not usually have a periodic rate cap.


The degree of increase can be carried over the next adjustment time if an interest rate cap pulled your interest lower at an adjustment even if the index value goes up.

It’s always good to think over which type of mortgage to get. There is a little chance of regrets if your decisions have been given second thoughts.

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