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7 Best Non-Monetary Rewards That Motivate People Without Money

Employee motivation studies consistently find there are 7 Non-Monetary Rewards that motivate people the most. As crucial motivational tools, these Non-Monetary Rewards don’t cost money because they are based upon communication techniques and questions that speak to people’s deeply cherished values..

People are Motivated When They’re:

1. Treated with Respect

2. Told What They’re Doing Right – Demotivated Hearing Mainly Negatives

People are Motivated When:

3. There’s Clear Communication of Goals

4. They Feel Their Ideas are Listened to Fairly

5. The Person Closest to the Job is Given as Much Independence as Possible to Solve Problems Their Own Way

Intelligent People are Motivated by:

6. Learning New Things

7. Pride in Feeling They’re Part of Something Bigger than Themselves

Once certain basic economic needs are met – most people value personal satisfaction over money.

Does this ring true with you? And do you feel acute frustration in the workplace when there’s a lack of sufficient focus on these crucial motivators?

So much lost potential in any organization results from the lack of people having the language to express criticism and feedback without hurting morale. What is key is recognizing and having the language to deal with situations that cross the line from appropriate control – which every business must have – to inappropriately controlling behavior that leaves people feeling disrespected.

That feeling like “I signed on here to do a job – not work out this guy’s unresolved control issues with his father!”

Everyone at some point has worked for someone who felt like they ate you up emotionally – cannibalized your self esteem, your happiness to feed their own lack of it. True motivation – motivation that’s intrinsic and self-starting – is like love, creativity or any of the most powerful emotions. It is of the human spirit and cannot be compelled. The most you can do is create the circumstances in which it can surface.

Ask yourself the following question.

Why do you think most people’s motivation is highest the first day of a new job?

High expectations? Wanting to make a good impression? Knowing they are wanted? Challenge of wanting to learn new things? Stress from coping with the negatives hasn’t set in yet? The demotivators haven’t begun to take their toll?

Now ask yourself in your current working environment:

What are the three biggest demotivators you feel you’re facing in your worklife today?

Most people problems are communication problems. This is the first of several articles that give you practical, nuts and bolts questions and communication techniques that motivate people using the 7 Non-Monetary Rewards people value most. They don’t cost a penny because they’re based on communication techniques that are positive and proactive. They counter the demotivators everyone faces in the workplace with questions that get at perception clarification – a truly shared vision.

You can rarely pay people as much as they’d like, but you can give them more of the 7 Non-Monetary Rewards that motivate people the most for employee retention. The key is knowing how to motivate employees with rapport building questions that clarify expectations, counter negativity in the workplace, and give people the language to express criticism and feedback without hurting morale.

Steve Penny is author of Hiring The Best People, and has been asked to speak on how to Motivate Without Money at the world’s largest human resource conferences. Videos of this presentation on the 7 Ways to Motivate People That Don’t Cost A Penny may be viewed at