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7 Magical Keys to Manifesting The Millionaire Mindset

?I remember this as though it were yesterday.

The images are so clear in my mind: The impeccable dark blue suit, the splashy patterns on a light blue tie and the brilliantly polished black shoes; the suave demeanor, the hypnotic delivery, and the engaging stories.

I remember how we sat perched on our chairs watching his every move, listening to every nuance of his intonation, not wanting to miss a word.

We smiled at every promise and laughed at every joke and vicariously experienced his life as he revealed it to us.

When you have these “aha” moments, you have to capture them. Otherwise they slip into oblivion. Otherwise, before you know it, your old scarcity thinking has taken over and you’ve missed that moment when the crack between your past and your future opened up, a precious moment when you could have slipped through and changed the pattern of your reality forever.

That day, I believe, everyone in the warm, friendly room experienced this type of epiphany.

It was a quantum leap from our limited view of money to the unlimited view of prosperity that he proposed. He told us how he made the leap from scarcity to abundance through the experiences of his life and in our own minds we made it, too.

This remarkable lecture was by a multimillionaire called Randy Gage. I’d like to share with you my experience of that moment because it completely shifted my thinking and changed my life. I’m hoping that as you follow my recollection, you’ll enjoy some of the benefits. I want to pass on my significant moment to you, like a runner passing a baton in a relay race.

Randy started the lecture with a dramatic story about how he used to be a dishwasher and how he was now a multimillionaire. He shared the difference between the two lifestyles and the mentality that led to each.

This mentality has also been called “mindset” or “attitude.”

It is, I believe, the secret of manifestation.

The more deeply you read into this article, the more you’ll come to realize that real manifestation is not just doing a manifestation exercise. Real manifestation is about creating a whole new way of thinking, feeling, and believing because what manifests most easily is your overall structure of thinking. Everything around you right now is a manifestation of a pattern of thinking rather than just the outcome of a single dynamic thought.

It is commonly believed that a person becomes a millionaire because of education, luck, connections, and money. Yet these are the effects, not the cause.

Please listen carefully to what the cause is to becoming really, really rich

“When you first become a millionaire in your mind, then the entire universe will conspire to make that your reality.”

When the habitual pictures in your mind are that of a millionaire then the outer picture will conform to it. But you have to hold that pattern long enough and not reverse it through scarcity thinking.

Most people try to figure out how to do it. This is self-defeating and results in a complete nullification of hope. You can’t know the whole story while you’re still at the opening chapter. You have to work your way through the pages of your life to find out what happens next. The only thing that you can provide is your motivation to move forward. The universe takes care of the details.

This is what made Randy’s lecture so inspiring because he gave us the exact blueprint of how he did it. And this is what I’d like to share with you here. For the sake of brevity, I’ll present them here as 7 keys.

Key 1. Eliminate a “welfare” attitude. This is the “us” and “them” point of view. The belief that since “they” have so much they owe “us” some of it, too.

Key 2. Recognize jealousy and envy toward rich people. This is the “it’s not fair” point of view. “How come they have so much and I (or we) have so little.”

Key 3. Instead of trying to make a budget and compress your desires into it, expand how much you want to make so that you can start having more. The universe is infinite, with infinite resources. Using finite thinking will just keep you constricted in your thinking and action.

While space prevents me from going into detail about these points, consider them as starting points for discussion in your own mind. These are the “thought-boundaries” that many people experience, consciously or unconsciously, to foster scarcity-thinking. These ideas are also commonly expounded by all political parties and by most media publications because this is what appeals to voters and readers. Thus, only a Martian is unlikely to be affected by these three limiting mindsets.

Now let’s talk about how to expand your thinking:

Key 4. Birds of a feather flock together. Whether you agree or disagree, this is true. You become like the people you hang out with most of the time. Subtle influences are always at work to make you more like them. It follows that if you surround yourself with people who are sick, broke, and stupid, you have some serious thinking to do about your choices. Rich and successful people like to spend time with people who are also innovative, bold, and adventurous.

Key 5. Just as people affect your thinking, so, too, does your environment. If you can surround yourself in a pleasing, uplifting, and beautiful environment, you will experience more good moods and a better life.

Key 6. Take charge of your media influences. As the Program Director of your life, you are in charge of the movies you watch, the books you read, and the other media you expose yourself to. Whether you realize it or not, this “thought food” is what is nourishing your mind. Mentally, you can either eat at McDonalds or at a health-food restaurant. One is cheap and convenient, the other makes you positive and proactive.

Key 7. Make a serious and dedicated commitment to self-development. It’s not just about “positive thinking.” Its more about strategies of communication, styles of thinking, and methods of organizing your experiences better.

Prior to sharing these points with us, Randy Gage, pointed out that they were sure to be controversial. After all, if you were in complete agreement, you would have the mindset already. It is those points that rankle you the most that are where you need to do the most work.

If you’re reading this article today, consider this final point. You manifested it into your experience because you’re ready to create a millionaire mindset. This may have been an introduction to a journey you’re planning to make. You have the baton now, will you drop it on the ground and forget about it or finish the race and develop the millionaire mindset?

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