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7 Reasons Why Weight Training is Good for Your Health

Weight training is a type of exercising the body which involves lifting weights to create a bit more resistance. It is so popular nowadays that even doctors are starting to recommend it to their patients. It is know for being more effective than cardio exercising.

Don’t get me wrong, cardio has its own benefits but depending on what you’re trying to achieve (a nice lean body, for example) then you can do one or the other or a mix of the two.

Weight training or weight lifting as some like to call it, is especially known for helping with weight loss along with a healthy diet that includes lots of fruits, vegetables and wholegrain foods (and lots of water as well!).

It’s also more effective when carried out little and often, meaning that you would be better off doing 15 m of intense training every day than 1 hour of training three times a week.

Also, you need to start slowly at a pace where you feel comfortable and not in pain to avoid any injuries. I would strongly advise for you to get very well informed and if possible ask someone professional to teach you how to do the exercises in a safe way or you could get seriously injured.

however, I have found that sometimes gym instructors are not the best source of help because unless you hire them as personal trainers they will only show you how to do the exercises once. If you’re anything like me the next time you go to the gym you don’t remember half of what you were told. Yes, you have written instructions, but unless you go to a very special gym they don’t usually show you the correct way to carry out the exercises.

There are some really good websites out there and online programs you can purchase very cheaply and they will show you exactly how to carry out these exercises safely and effectively.

In the meantime, here are some of the benefits of weight training:

1 – It is very effective for weight loss

Contrary to popular belief, weight training is not just a way to have bigger muscles. It actually is more effective at burning fat that any cardio you might do.

A beginner is able to burn on average 300 cal per hour of weight training.

2 – Fights flabbiness

With practice your muscles will get more nutrients and more toned as weight training works muscle groups separately when contracting and stretching muscular tissue.

3 – Helps improve your posture

As you back muscles get toned, you tend to adopt a correct posture. It just happens naturally with no conscious effort.

4 – Helps prevent osteoporosis

Weight training will release stimuli that cause certain chemical reactions on the bones. These reactions cause the body to better absorb calcium which contributes to good formation of the bones. Hence the fact that it is good for the prevention of osteoporosis.

5 – Increases lean mass

As you progress with your weight training, lean mass increases as fat mass decreases. Weight training uses fat mass as its source of energy.

6 – Decreases cholesterol levels

When you waste so much energy by using weights you are also decreasing your cholesterol levels. Weight training helps increase artery competence which makes the blood flux stronger and more efficient at carrying residues out of the arteries.

7 – Defines your muscles

Weight training causes micro lesions on the muscles. Small biochemical reactions then happen which will repair these. This way, muscles are gaining new, more defined and toned forms.

So, I have just showed you 7 very good reasons why weight training is very good for your health.

So, go on, jump off that sofa mode and get yourself into this easy and effective way of getting healthier. Don’t forget though to make sure you know what you’re doing before you start and to look for advice on it. As I mentioned before, some websites are really good with this information.

Also, don’t forget to accompany your plan with good healthy eating and if you need to know more about it don’t hesitate on contacting me.

Anyway, I wish you all the luck and thank you for reading!!

Hello, my name is Anna Remigio and I’m a psychologist with a special interest in the Health & Fitness industry. To find out more about how weight training can help you achieve your goals please visit => top 3 weight loss programs online