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8 Effective Tips To Get Rid Of Your Astral Projection Fears

One of the most important reasons why people do not succeed in Astral Projection is because of fear. If you are afraid of the Astral world, let me assure you that you’re not alone! Fear of the unseen and unknown is a quite natural emotion. When you overcome your fears, you will find a land of unlimited possibilities in front of you!

In this short article we will discuss some common Astral Projection fears and some effective tips on how to overcome them.

What do people fear?
Just the thought of separation from the physical body frightens many people. They feel something heinous is waiting for them… ready to pounce on them as soon as they Project!
Some feel they might not be able to return to their bodies. Others are afraid they might be harmed in some way as a result of Projection. And quite a few people feel their bodies might be possessed.

All the above are very common fears. But rest assured, NOTHING IS FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH! These FEARs are just in our minds and are nothing but all False Evidence Appearing Real! They can be very well be conquered.

1. Knowledge is powerful… :
Most people who fear do not fully understand the nature of Astral Projection. Their fears can only be replaced by knowledge and understanding. You should read everything you can regarding OOBE, and become familiar with all aspects of the experience. You should know what to expect during and after the exit out of body. Devour every bit of information you get on the topic. Knowledge never harmed anybody.

2…Action is more powerful than knowledge :
True, knowledge is powerful. But it should also be remembered that just theoretically reading all about dealing with fear doesn’t help much. You see, there is no substitute for personal experience. We ultimately need to FACE our fears head-on!

To eliminate unreasonable fears, we have to go through the frightening activity and come out unscathed. In doing so, we can eliminate the fears that tend to cloud our progress in discovering our Astral reality.

3. You are the Creator :
The Astral Plane is a manifestation of our own thoughts. We are the creators. We can create whatever we want, both good and bad.

If we are convinced that a devil is out there and if we visualize it strongly enough, we should not be surprised to meet our creation! The devils we create become real and solid in the Astral dimension because we created them. If we meet any of our unwanted creations, it must be faced with courage! Since we are the creators, we can change the devil in to a cute and harmless puppy!

When we realize that we are the creators, we will find that our fears are only hollow threats that crumple into nothing.

So remember. There is nothing that can harm us while we are out of our body. If we have no fear, we won’t meet fear. It’s as simple as that.

4. You will always return to our body :
If you fear you might not be able to return to your body, think about this. We ALWAYS leave our body every night when we sleep. Have we ever “not” able to return? So why should we not return this time? We will get back to the body every time! Believe it or not, the problem with Projection is always staying out, never getting in! You can do everything in our power to NOT come back! But you WILL always come back, even if you don’t want to!

5. You cannot be possessed :
You can never be possessed during Projection.

During OOBE, a person’s physical body and mind are in a very sensitive state and cannot be infiltrated or possessed. An energy field is produced during Projection that extends in all directions around the body. This is very sensitive and will cause a Projection to abort if something unfriendly penetrates this field.

Moreover, the Astral body and the Physical body are connected by an energy cord (called the Silver Cord) it is not possible for any entity to sever this cord and get inside the body. So we are quite safe during an OBE.

6. Don’t fear the unknown :
To a certain degree this fear will always be with us. After even scores of Projections, there will be something unknown out there. But as I said, nothing can harm us and we are invulnerable in our Astral form. Our body has excellent defense mechanism to protect us during a projection. It’s just our own fears that can harm us.

7. Use affirmations :
One very effective way to overcome any kind of fear is to immediately begin repeating a safety affirmation. Brief, positive statements like “I am protected and safe. No harm can come to me” are very effective.

As we repeat our affirmations, our fears will diminish and eventually disappear.

8. Project during the day :
A big part of Projection related fear stems from trying to OOBE at night. At night, the world is dark, eerie and frightening. Hence trying Projection in the dark is a natural invitation to fear!

The best ways to overcome this is to practice Projecting during daytime. This will give you more confidence and make you achieve results faster. If you have to practice at night, you might consider switching on some dim lights before Projecting.

Conclusion :
Fear is something that we have to overcome in order to succeed in Astral Projection. These fears will take on some form or the other and surface until it has been overcome completely. We must release ourselves from the death-grip of fear and set ourselves free.
Hope this short article will help you face your fears head-on! Wish you all success in your Astral projection adventures. May your life be enriched.

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