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A combination of single dose supplements, this product is geared towards relieving the physical symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

A distinct mix of the supplements that are natural and individually recommended by the Food and Drug Administration is the ALZ vitamins These ingredients have each been proven to reduce the loss of cognitive memory, maximize the flow of blood within the brain, and minimize the amount of plaque that builds up in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease. Our formula is based on a combination of nutritional supplements geared toward maximized cognitive brain function for those plagued by physical side effects caused by Alzheimers disease.

To help reduce placque and blood flow in the brain a certain combination of vitamins can be used in a proportion with specific milligrams and micrograms to work together. The effectiveness of our combination is to be seen elsewhere in the market with individual vitamins.

A lack of good judgment

Oxford University has done some trials and studies that indicate that the use of vitamin B6 will reduce the amount and rate of atrophy and shrinking of the brain.

Mood swings that are often observed with dementia patients are proved to be controlled by Folate

Scientific studies at the Mayo Clinic have used vitamin B3 in treating abstract thought and lowering the amount of “tau” proteins which are responsible for tangling brain lesions.

Wake Forest University has conducted some medical trials that indicate that a proper balance of the ingredients we use is far more effective than large doses of individual vitamins.

Many international journals are cited and we have conducted trials ourselves that pertain to the interaction of each ingredient and their chemistry.

Increase the flow of blood and cognitive performance to the brain is said to increase with the natural ingredients present in our product
We make reference to a number of worldwide journals. (Wake Forest University and Oxford University, as well as the Mayo Clinic)
We have conducted independent trials regarding interactions between all of our active ingredients.

We are speaking of the highly regarded items which document the viability of every ingredient, along with how they interact with the rest to help the symptoms seen in Alzheimers disease – along the line of memory loss and higher cognitive processes.

Supported by medical and clinical reasearch for the last 5 years can be referred to for studies on ALZ Vitamins, LLC which offers to fight the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Dementia by its natural mix. The Ingredients which is said to increase brain function and reduce memory loss are observed in the medical journalsOur formula is based on a mix of approved supplements which have been proven to increase brain function in Alzheimers sufferers. ALZ Vitamins, LLC has referenced studies supported in medical and clinical research for the past 5 years, offering a unique natural mix to conflict the symptons of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. We make no assertions about providing a cure for the condition of Alzheimers. The exclusive combination found in ALZ Vitamins targets body symptoms produced by Alzheimer’s and dementia. The benefits of ALZ Vitamins are supported by scientific research and are supplements made from elements receiving the FDA stamp of approval.blended properly, can help to address the physical symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. To purchase, visit Alzheimers Vitamins – Memory and Brain
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