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A Few Essential Details About Surgery To Stop Snoring

Snoring is a wide spread problem, which many individuals suffer from. This condition can be dealt with by using one of the many available approaches. Such methods include the various home remedies. Making use of one of the plenty of stop snoring devices is also an option. Having said that, such remedies are of no help if the condition is very severe. Situations like these are dealt with using the surgery to stop snoring.

One should always take into consideration the opinion of a good doctor before actually opting for the surgery. The proper decision would be made by the doctor on very carefully analyzing your condition. The doctor might subject you to a sleep test. In such a test you would be given sedatives to make you fall asleep. The particular reason that is causing the snoring would thus be detected.

The cause of snoring is the one that would determine the surgical procedure that needs to be used. Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty is one of the most common types of surgery performed to cure snoring. UPPP is what this procedure is commonly referred to as. It basically involves the removal of the tissues of the throat to clear it of any blockage that may exist. This blockage is often the actual cause of snoring. Parts of the uvula and the soft palate are basically removed in this procedure. Removal of the tonsils is also a common thing done.

One of the other types of surgical technique is uvulopalatoplasty. LAUP is what it is commonly referred as. This technique involves the use of laser. This is performed when snoring is caused due to the blockage of the air passage by the uvula. In order to rectify the problem of snoring, the uvula is cut in this technique so that its contact with the throat is avoided.

Genioglossus and hyoid advancement is also one of the techniques used to get over the issue of snoring. Tongue suspension surgery is what it is also known as. This surgery is basically performed so that the tongue does not roll back to the throat, when one is asleep. The rolling back of the tongue towards the throat is one of the major causes that lead to snoring. Your problem can thus be easily overcome by this surgery if it is caused due to this reason. This surgical procedure involves installing a screw into the mandible. After this is done, stitches are applied to the area below the tongue. This procedure is a reversible one.

It is always very good to know that the problem of snoring is permanently cured by the surgical procedures. Once the surgery is successfully done, the person will no longer have to use the various stop snoring devices. However as with the other procedures, there are certain disadvantages associated with the surgical procedures as well. The expense of the surgery is one of the major disadvantages. One of the other negative aspects is the risks that come with surgery. There is also a high possibility of the surgery not being successful or other complications arising from it.

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