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A Few Of The Services Provided By Dentists

Dentists are doctors who perform dentistry, which is that branch of medicine concerned with the oral cavity and its diseases. The most common services provided by dentists involve the treatment of dental cavities and the treatment of periodontal disease. However, there are many other services that can be performed in dental surgeries.

Dental services can be aesthetic or preventive. Preventive care is about the maintenance of good oral health, by teaching patients techniques such as how to brush their teeth properly and also the proper way of flossing and general maintenance of one’s teeth. This is done to avoid more complicated procedures as in the case of disease due to poor dental practices.

Routine services include dental exams and the cleaning of teeth to remove stains. This is useful for teeth stained by nicotine or tartar for example. When teeth have become stained or darkened a routine cleaning by a dentist will restore one’s teeth to whiteness.

The aesthetic services provided by dentists are numerous and varied. The handling of decayed teeth is one such procedure. This is done by using bridges to replace the lost tooth or fillings to fill in a cavity after it has been cleaned out. Metal, alloy, plastic or porcelain are the usual materials for fillings and bridges. The choice of material depends on what the patient can afford as some of the materials are more costly than others. How it looks is also a consideration, as most people want a finish that is very close to natural.

Root canals are performed when there is injury or disease to the soft core of the tooth. In this case, a hole is drilled to the soft core, and the inner part of the tooth is removed. The cavity created by this procedure is then cleaned very thoroughly and sealed. This procedure is done under local anesthetic and pain-killing drugs may be prescribed for the patient to take home.

Damaged back teeth may be crowned. This is a process of strengthening and improving the appearance of badly stained teeth as well as making them more functional because they have been strengthened. Crowns can also function to stop a weakened tooth from further damage and reduce chances of breaking. Crowns are made from a wide range of materials, and the material determines how long the crown lasts before needing to be replaced.

Veneers are used on front teeth. A veneer is a shell that is made for the front part of a tooth, to make its appearance more pleasing, where teeth have suffered damage such as chipping or have been broken. Veneers also work for discolored teeth, as they are made of materials that look very natural. They are also used to fill in gaps between teeth and to correct crooked teeth.

Modern dentists have state-of-the-art equipment and are well-trained in its use. They are also qualified to prescribe medications such as antibiotics or pain-relieving medicines, as well as any other medications that are necessary for patient management. Dentists are specialists in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases in and injuries to the oral cavity.

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