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A Gorgeous Tan With Sunless Tanning Products From Sun Labs

Sun Labs has everything you need in sunless tanning products to give you a fabulous tan. Being exposed to the sun for too long can burn your skin. A bigger risk is the possibility of melanoma; a dangerous skin cancer even tanning booths or tanning lamps are not 100% safe. Now with innovative new creams, lotions and sprays you can get the golden glow you dreamed about without going into the sun.

A Long Stint In The Industry

As the industry leaders and innovators in self tanning products, Sun Labs have been in the business for over three decades, developing high quality cosmetics which are sought after worldwide. Their extensive product range covers tanning creams, lotions and sprays and has something for every skin type. One no longer has to depend on old-fashioned tanning cosmetics that were messy and left orange streaks and stains. Today’s products are smooth, easy to use and nourish the skin while tanning.

A Variety of Products

Among Sun labs various popular tanning products are handy micro sprays which are easy to use. These can be applied without the hassle of streaking. For beauty salons, there are professional sized tanning sprays which give a deep dark tan. Users who have been regularly using these products for years love it and recommend it highly. Most of the spray tanners come with great discounts and attractive pricing, especially for large sizes and bulk purchases.

Quality Ingredients

Sun Labs have several exciting product ranges that are popular among customers across the world. There are tanning sets which include an eight ounce dark self tanner, exfoliating body gel and tan moisturizer maintainer. The tanning lotion has skin nourishing, hydrating and revitalizing ingredients which help your skin glow golden. The products are great for year-round use.

Sets Of Three

For those who are always on the move, Sun Labs has a great offer of a set of three sunless tanning products. There is a Tan Overnight Self Tan Lotion for that glowing golden goddess look. This product has a unique in-built bronzer for that smooth fantasy tan. The exfoliating body scrub sweeps away dead skin with its special natural ingredients that contain apricot kernels. The third in the set is the Hand and Body Moisturizer which helps maintain the softness of the skin, keeping it smooth.

The exfoliating body scrub gently removes dead skin, leaving behind renewed, fresh and moisturized skin. As a critical step before using sunless tanning products, exfoliating helps achieve a smooth tanning result. The tan moisturizer maintainer contains special ingredients that help condition the skin and retain its softness. This is the third product in the set of three gift bag. The convenient package is great for personal use while traveling or as a gift. There are attractive price discounts when one purchases three or more sets.

Sun Labs tanning products are the best choice for a sunless tan for those who are particular about quality, results and value for money.

For that long-lasting gorgeous tan at attractive pricing, take a look at Sun Labs where you can get exciting range of sunless tanning products.