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A Home Remedy For Insomnia

During the cycles of sleep, we enter a deep level of unconsciousness that allows us to visit the land of our dreams. We go to a magical place where we can fly or be super strong or be with the one we love.

We talk to famous people, we start wars and win battles as our body recharges and revives itself for the day ahead. For people who are having trouble sleeping, they may not get to this restful cycle, they may not dream at all and if they do, it is sporadic or short lived.

They may not remember having had them at all.

It is true that many people who have no problems with insomnia at all do not remember dreams although it is certain that they have had them. Remembering the dream or what it was about is not the main issue here, what is important is the restful sleep that coincides with dreaming.

When we start to sleep we are in an easily disturbed sleep, the drowsy early sleep cycle. As we slip deeper and deeper in to sleep, we become harder to rouse.

Being awakened during the deeper cycles of sleep or coming out of them too soon is what leads to the feeling of sluggishness and tiredness through the day.

Rem sleep – “Rapid Eye Movement” sleep – is when your subconscious mind works hard and puts on the dreams.

The only way to make sure you have REM sleep is to make sure you do fall asleep: no-one but you can be in charge of your sleep destiny.

Tell your body who is boss and make sure that the boss is you. Do not panic if you cannot sleep. Set the stage for good sleep and you will accomplish your goal.

Start by clearing the set:

Remove anything that might relate to work, stress or bother you in any way. If you are angry with your mother for some reason, take her picture out of the room for the night! Now you are focusing on your need to get some sleep.

Make sure that the room is dark and cool. Sleep experts, and Feng Shui practitioners in particular, detest the idea of having lots of electronics in the bedroom, especially TV sets.

If you want to find a natural cure for insomnia you will move the one eyed monster out of your bedroom!

The same goes for your laptop computer.

Put it on sleep mode, shut it down, or take it out of the room.

Next, run through the scene.

During the lead-up to going to bed, try to move slowly, turn the lights down, avoid noise and “jumping about”.

Imagine that you wake up feeling well rested and alert. When you finally go to bed, close your eyes and let your mind imagine peaceful and relaxing settings.

When your mind drifts away, try to refocus and concentrate.

You are the director; now make sure that you dream an epic dream, while you finally get the restful sleep you have been after.

A natural cure for insomnia is to stage manage your sleep. You can direct your body, your mind and your surroundings so the night flows like a blockbuster movie! There are simple tips to help your sleep problems and give you lovely dreams, just go here