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A List of Similarities And Differences Between The Sleeping Condition Sleep Apnea And Snoring, And How To Tell Them Apart.

Sleep Apnea can be caused by many factors, the same as snoring although one is harmless, and the other is potentially harmful. There is treatment however in the form of a CPAP machine.

Although many of us take our sleeping patterns for granted, a good nights sleep can benefit our health, mind and well-being. It is predicted that up to 17 million in the US have the condition alone. Therefore more awareness needs to made of what symptoms to look out for.

Good And Bad Snoring When a person snores it is usually the case the person is usually unaware that they are doing it. Light snorers are harmless and normally sleep a full nights sleep. If your snoring is strangely loud you could suffer from sleep Apnea. As the airway gets blocked, they can stop breathing for seconds and even minutes at a time, the end of a breathing pause, is followed by a loud grunting sound which is why Sleep Apnea sufferers often get confused with snorers.

The morning after the night before When a sleeper snores not only are they unaware they can have a full nights sleep without waking one. This can’t be said for their partner however. A sufferer of Sleep Apnea will experience pauses in breathing causing them to wake up gasping for breath. A person with Sleep Apnea has a very poor nights sleep resulting in them feeling drowsy the next day.

What Causes Sleep Apnea and Snoring There are many reasons for why someone suffers from snoring: from lying on your back all the way to obesity. Alcohol and smoking have also been linked to the condition. The causes of Sleep Apnea are very similar. Sleep Apnea, however is more likely if: you are male, overweight, over 40 years old and you have a large neck. It has also been proven to be hereditary.

The Warning Signs The best way to know you have Sleep Apnea is by your spouse noticing you have stopped breathing or by conducting a sleep study. However there are various symptoms you can have and notice yourself which could be an indication you have Sleep Apnea, these include: Poor Quality of sleep, waking yourself by snoring especially if you have just fell asleep, headaches, depression and fatigue. It is always advisable to talk to a doctor about your concerns.

The Treatment Snorers have been advised to use nasal strips and to avoid alcohol and sleep on their back. It is more vital however, to treat Sleep Apnea. CPAP machines were invented forcing air into the airway via a CPAP mask, keeping the airway open. This way the sleeper won’t experience pauses in breathing.

The amount of people who snore is very high, however a lot of these people could unknowingly have Sleep Apnea. The condition can damage your health if left untreated, but visit your doctor for advice about your concerns.

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