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A Quick Discussion On Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy involved injecting or introducing artificially created hormones into the human body for medical treatment. There are many reasons why people need this type of treatment such as for treating certain types of cancer, dealing with severe menopause symptoms, aging, sexual reassignment changes as well as a psychological treatment. However, even though this type of medical treatment can help to solve many problems, there are many disadvantages as well as advantages. We will now look at a few of these.

There are many advantages of this treatment which is the only reason why people undergo it. One of the first advantages we will look at is that it actually helps women deal with the symptoms of menopause. For example, it actually enables the regrowth and regeneration of estrogen in women so that they do not get the common symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, irritability, low sex drive etc.

Additionally, by re-growing and re-introducing estrogen in healthy levels, back into the body, it actually helps to maintain your bones and fights against osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is due to a lack of calcium in the bones and hormones can help to adjust these levels and make you healthier.

Hormone therapy is not only beneficial to women but also men. The most common form of hormone therapy for men is the introduction of testosterone. This can be for many reasons such as sexual benefits which can help to improve your performance in this arena. It can help to improve or lower blood pressure as well as reduce the risk for heart disease, cancer and diabetes to name a few.

Now that we have covered a few advantages, we will look at some of the disadvantages of this treatment. One of the first disadvantages is the cost of these treatments. They are usually quite expensive and can take quite a chunk out of your savings. Therefore, this means that fewer people who need these treatments will be able to afford them.

Another disadvantage of these treatments is that it has been found that after prolonged use, it can actually encourage cell division in your body. This means that women in particular would be more susceptible to getting breast cancer and other diseases. In men, it can also cause prostate cancer over prolonged use.

The last disadvantage we will cover is that it can also increase your risk of having a stroke. Besides these serious issues, there are also a fewer minor side effects such as skin irritability, acne, decrease in skin elasticity and others. Even though these skin irritations are annoying, they can be helped by seeking the aid of a dermatologist and getting over the counter solutions.

In summary, hormone therapy has both of its advantages and disadvantages that you need to weigh before deciding if this is the treatment for you. There are many more things you need to cover and read up on that were not looked at in the scope of this article, so you should definitely do more research and learn more about this treatment plan before making a decision.

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