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A Romantic Summer Holiday in San Gimignano, Tuscany

The most romantic destination to visit in Tuscany is Sam Gimignano. It’s also the most fascinating medieval symbol of Tuscany. The breathtaking medieval towers present here are an irresistible lure and you can only follow the road by parking your car on the outskirts of the village. Exploring this village of Etruscan origin is an extraordinary experience for visitors coming here. Crossing the San Francesco bastion and over Porta San Giovanni, gentle ups and downs bring you to the triangular Cisterna square, ancient home of markets and festival. From here you enjoy a view over a wide part of the village.

In the small lanes all around the village you can visit small stores of ceramics, food and wine, antiques and souvenir as well as a real estate agency where you can find a few great opportunities of villa rentals in Tuscany.

San Gimignano is a renowned location in the heart of Chianti region. All around are beautiful landscapes, famous wine estates and farmhouses with olive groves and sunflower fields. It’s such a wonderful place that the time slows down, where stunning sunsets remain in your memories and the scents of nature linger forever. The fantastic flavors of Chianti wines may be tasted close to the swimming pool of your luxury villa in Tuscany. It would be an unforgettable experience if you have a chance to rent one of the very few holiday villas in Tuscany. Staying in one of the Tuscany vacation villas is one of the most romantic experiences you can try in your life.

The place has a magical atmosphere and able to evoke a lot of different feelings that join together in a unique, unrepeatable experience. Words are not just enough to explain the warmth and fresh breeze of the place so the best way is to go there and experience its beautiful atmosphere.

Luxurious villas in Sam Gimignano offer not only a luxurious stay but also offer a free to drive to nearby local areas and wine tours. There are various villas available with varied features as per your needs. Some rental villas have pool and garden whereas other facilities are also available on request.

You can also evaluate various features in different rental plans. The basic features you can look out for in luxury villas rentals are pool and garden. These facilities can be used for your complete leisure purposes. The choice of room depends on your budget and how romantic you want to spend your holidays. It’s always good to pre-plan your romantic trip to San Gimignano, Tuscany and book a Tuscany villa for more moments to enjoy and spend together.

I am Gilbert from New York and recently I have visited San Gimignano. In this article, I have mentioned my plenty of awesome experiences at luxurious villas San Gimignano during my trip to Tuscany.