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A Wildlife Experience While Hunting For Game

Every hunting season there is a flurry of activity in the forests. Some of the people in the Forestry and Conversation Service are readying signs and checking paths to make sure that hunters know where the boundary lines are to the places where they can hunt for game. The Forest Rangers are working throughout the year too, to stop poachers from taking game from the forest when they are not supposed to.

While the Forest Rangers are outside, they have the opportunity to experience the thrill of nature. The views from the rangers stations that are located deep in the forest are exquisite and the entire outdoor experience almost leaves them breathless and they never tire of the view at any time during the year.

From their perch high above the tree tops, they routinely see hawks, eagles and buzzards flying, and the free-flight freedom that each of these majestic creatures experiences in daily life will soon be interrupted by loud and ripping tones of gunfire. Hunting season serves a purpose but the Park Rangers always wish that there was some other alternative.

People come to the forests for many reasons. True, they come to hunt but they might hunt for wild berries or a field of wild flowers. They might search high and low until they find the waterfall with a beautiful pool that they came across unexpectedly while hiking through the forest. There are fond memories to be had in this forest, and some of the animals in it are part of those memories.

When families create campsites deep in the woods, they hope against hope that some deer will come traveling through. The families have different views of deer and think they are gorgeous, unlike the hunters who go hunting them during hunting season. Hunting is imposed on deer because there are so many, and many deer starve because the forest can not provide enough food for them to eat.

Deer rarely search for food around campsites because they have learned to fear humans. No doubt, there is probably plenty of food amongst the trees that surround the National Parks but deer choose to starve to death rather than approach an area where they know for sure that someone there will kill them.

Deer are only one of the animals in the forest that people hunt. Some prefer to go hunting for raccoons because they want their tail as an ornament for a hat. The opossum is really misunderstood around a campsite but down South hunters search for them for a stew that is quite delightful. Those critters are quire clever in the way they search for their food but hunters know their weakness and get them every time.

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