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Accurate Measuring and Fitting Is Essential When Buying Contact Lenses

When buying contact lenses, it is important to be aware that fitting the contact lenses is more complicated than when buying eyeglasses. If you buy cheap contact lenses online, it is essential that you have the correct measurements for your eyes before you place your order from the reputable online contact lens retailer. When ordering contact lenses online, the reputable retailer will require a prescription that is less than a year old so you will have to get the prescription from your optician. This will ensure that you get contacts that provide clear vision and they provide a comfortable fit.

Getting the Right Contact Lenses

When you get a prescription from your eye doctor, you will receive an eye exam to check for problems and make sure you are a suitable candidate for contacts. Your visual acuity will be checked and tests will be performed to identify eye health issues. The optician will identify the best type of contacts for you. As well, such considerations as your lifestyle and your preferred type of wear schedule will be considered. By the time the exam and assessment is complete, the optician will know the best type of contacts for you that includes the type of lens and the type of contact (soft contacts, gas permeable lenses, etc.)

Corneal Measurement

Contact lenses are not one size fits all. In order to get the right lenses that are the best fit, you must get the right measurements. For instance, if the curvature of the lens is too steep or flat, it can be harmful to the eye and uncomfortable. The optician will use a keratometer to measure your eye’s surface and curvature. Computerized measurements can also be taken.

Other Tests and Measurements

To get a good contact fit, the size of the pupil has to be measured by an eye doctor. This can be done using an automated measuring instrument or a ruler. The diameter of the iris of your eye must also be measured for accurate sizing. Also, a tear film assessment may also be taken to assess tear production. For those with dry eyes, silicone hydrogel lenses work well. Also, if you are getting trial contact lenses, an instrument called a biomicroscope may be used and this instrument can also be used to evaluate the cornea’s health as well as any changes in the eye after the contact lenses have been worn for a while.

Once the accurate fit has been determined, your eye doctor will provide you with a prescription. You will use this prescription when you order your discount brand name contact lenses online. It will show the required corrective lens power, the base curvature, and the required diameter. You should have an eye exam each year to check for eye health issues and check to see if you need any lens changes. Now that you have a general idea on the importance of contact lens measurement, you can appreciate the need for annual optician visits and why you need a prescription when you order your contact lenses online.

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