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Acne And Carbohydrates – Is There A Link?

There has been a lot of speculation about how diet and food intake affects acne. There is a relationship between what we eat and how our skin reacts, although the exact interaction is not clearly understood. All food has properties that are helpful or harmful to our bodies. Most foods have a combination of helpful and harmful components and our bodies are designed to utilize the positive attributes of the food and to eliminate the negative. Sometimes, based on our bodies’ ability to process food, there may be changes in chemical and hormonal balances caused by food. Some contributing factors to changes in body metabolism are:

– Change in diet
– Change in climate
– High stress levels
– Natural hormonal changes in the body due to age and development
– Illness and infections within the body

In this article we are going to explore the relationship between carbohydrates and acne.


There are low-carbohydrate and high-carbohydrate foods found in the average daily diet. Teenagers and adults who eat a high carbohydrate diet are more prone to acne and outbreaks. Teenagers and adults who eat a lower carbohydrate diet that limits the amount of refined sugars have significantly fewer acne problems and outbreaks. High carbohydrate foods include candies, highly processed foods such as white bread, sugary cereals and fast foods. It is believed by scientists and nutritionists that the high carbohydrate foods trigger a sharp increase in insulin production that in turn triggers hormonal increases leading to oily skin and clogged pores.

Best Diet Choices

If you have acne, we recommend that you try the following changes in your diet (after discussing it with your doctor of course):

– Eat as much natural food as possible such as fruits and vegetables.
– Limit high carbohydrate items and switch to whole grain wheat products.
– Avoid fried foods or foods cooked in oils.
– Drink at least six glasses of water per day.
– Eat high fiber foods. These high fiber foods tend to be generally low carbohydrate foods.
– Avoid any foods that you may be allergic to. Keep a record of what is eaten for a week and see if there is any pattern to outbreaks.

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