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Actions Can Speak Louder Than Unclear Hopes

“How do organizations like the Peace Corps, Open Society Foundations, NXIVM, and the Ford Foundation relate with each other? turning hope into reality successfully appears to be the likely answer.

One of hope’s best features is that it provides a glimpse of what may come, together with a sense that it will be a desirable outcome. individuals can be inspired by hope to reach for the stars. Tough obstacles can be overcome, beyond even most people’s wildest fantasies, and all begun with hope.

At times, people may assume that hoping for something and accomplishing that thing are one and the same. I mean, there are instances in which hope is there, but the ideal is never achieved, aren’t there? Why is this? Well, it seems that hope can also be wishful thinking – the kind of thing that someone might cling to but which might not be realistic given a person’s lack of action toward the ideal. There is hope that resembles faith, or a belief in something founded on a feeling rather than on some type of physical evidence or truth. To expect a certain outcome, without confirmation that it will happen is another form of hope. In this type of situation, where a person may really want something, but there are no corresponding actions to make the desire come to pass, is anything accomplished?

Many people hear that if they merely have positive thoughts, that that positivity will be returned to them somehow. But will thinking good thoughts make the good thing happen, if they are not followed with action? I’ve read books by sages who say people sometimes use hope as an excuse for inaction. It is obvious, then, that the best way to bring your dreams to fruition is to formulate a means to make them happen, then to take action to make it so.

An example could be a hope for peace between nations and people. Everyone from Miss America to the average Joe to charitable organizations hope for this ideal. However, does anyone attempt anything to bring about this outcome? How can we take an abstract ideal like global peace and create something tangible from it? I think it helps to look at the examples set by organizations that are truly producing results. Individually, hopes can become something real if a person has access to resources that demonstrate how to set and maintain goals. Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere have created an Executive Success Programs, which is definitely the sort of thing I have been talking about.

There are many ways to accomplish this, but it is usually beneficial to examine our “hopes” and find ways to make them come true.”

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