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Air Travel Safety

Ever since September eleventh, air travelers should be extra cautious while aboard an airplane, and pay close attention to everything that happens. There are some general guidelines that passengers should follow to minimize any chance of hijacking on the airplane.

The first tip for passengers is to be very aware of your surroundings at all times. Be especially alert to any activities or situations that do not seem normal, and any people who seem like they are acting suspiciously. If you notice anything unusual, illegal, or suspicious, report this to the appropriate authorities. If you notice someone who is acting in an unusual manner or seems very nervous, this should also be reported to either airport security, law enforcement, or a flight attendant if you are in the air aboard a plane.

Another important tip is to never assume that someone is or is not a threat based on nationality, age, or gender. Outward appearances are never a good indicator of who is likely to commit an act of violence. While you are in the airport, try to avoid any suspicious circumstances, and move away from the potential hazard before reporting it to the proper authorities. If others could be in possible danger, warn them to evacuate the area before going to report the problem. These circumstances may include an unusual commotion, an unaccompanied package, or a person who is acting in an unusual or suspicious.

While you are aboard the aircraft and in the air, make sure that your seat belt is fastened while you are seated. This is an extra safety precaution in case the pilot has to make an unusual maneuver or if the plane hits turbulence that is unexpected. This tip may save you from some bumps and bruises if your flight becomes turbulent. If any problems do develop, follow the instructions that are given by the flight attendants. Safety is the main reason that these attendants are on the flight, and they have been trained for almost any situation. As soon as you board the plane, become familiar with the layout and safety material of the plane. Count how many rows of seats there are until the door of the plane. This tip may save your life if there is an emergency and there is thick smoke which impairs your visibility.

The last tip in the event of an emergency or hijacking aboard your aircraft is to work together as a team. If there is any danger on the plane, whether it is an emergency situation or a hijacking situation, working together can make a difference. This was shown during the September eleventh attacks.

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