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Akarkara – Its botanical name is (Anacyclus pyrethrum) the part used for medicinal benefits is Root.


Its root is cylindrical, round and brown on outer surface. It is white on inner surface.


The main active component of root of akarkara is pyrethr in which is crystalline and without colour.


Its root is pungent, gives burning sensation to the tongue, causes excessive salivation and irritates throat. It is hot in potency, dry and pacifies vata. It is analgesic in action.


Rasa – katu (pungent)

Guna  – vata-pacifier, Kapha pacifier, pitta-vardhak

Virya –  ushna (hot potency)

Vipak –  katu (pungent)


Its powder is nervine tonic and is useful for Parkinsonism, mental retardation, sciatica and paralysis. For sciatica its powder should be mixed with oil and massaged For paralysis 500mg -1gm akarkara root powder should be licked with honey. If there is numbness and coldness in hands and feet then its powder is added to oil and massaged to have feeling of warmth. As its main action is to pacify-vata and kapha. Decoction of Akarkara roots (80-100ml) is useful for normalizing menstrual cycle. Its decoction is useful for facial paralysis as pacifies-vata and kapha.

In case of carious tooth, toothache, swollen gums and stiffness of tongue small quantity of its powder is kept in oral cavity then saliva is secreted in excess and pain subsides. It also deals with voice related problems when its powder is administered in dosage of 250-500 mg orally. It helps in sweetening of voice for singers and small children. In case of frequent hiccoughs 1gm of Akarkara powder can be taken with honey. Its powder is made to paste and applied to forehead, it relieves headache. Its decoction with brahmi is good for hysteria.


As Akarkara is dry and hot in potency and its main action is to pacify vata and kapha, so pitta prakriti people should not take it in excess. Its dosage should be in specified quantity only.

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