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Alaska Cruise Excursions

Not for the faint of heart, Alaska cruise excursions provide a glimpse of the extraordinary with luxury you can not find at home. For a short week away or a real getaway, this is how the adventurous spend their vacations!

Depending on how daring you wish to be, you can book an Alaska cruise that explores all the wildlife and attractions from the safety of the water, or if you are really bold, you can take an excursion hiking into the wilderness and really be one with nature!

The great thing about cruises is all of the fun and attractions they provide onboard. A resort on the water, you will have at your fingertips movies, great food, and limitless entertainment. There are classes available on many liners that teach photography, cooking, or dance; for all the things you have wanted to learn but did not have time to enjoy. Another option is to relax in the spa with a massage, facial, or other pampering treatment. For all of the things your schedule does not usually permit, a cruise is the opportunity to indulge.

On-shore excursions are an exceptional way to see the land of Alaska. You will have the opportunity to see brown bears, otters, sea lions, and other animals indigenous to this icy region. The beauty of seeing the land as a part of your cruise is that you will have a local guide there to escort you to and around all of the most interesting parts of the area. With glaciers and other challenging terrain in Alaska, you will have a chance to see all the extraordinary things that are not available at home.

For the slightly less adventurous, you can still see the wildlife of Alaska, but do so from the deck of the boat! With expert guides, you will be led through the most fascinating shorelines, without leaving the lap of luxury.

David Barnes
phd. Social Science