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Alaska Cruises Offer Luxury And Adventure

Tired of taking the family to Disneyland for vacation? Then why not try an Alaska cruise? They offer beautiful scenery, cruise luxury and Alaskan adventure for those who want it.

But not all Alaska cruise trips are alike. You first need to decide what you want on your cruise. If you like to be pampered in the lap of luxury then you’ll want to take advantage of one of the many Alaska luxury cruises. Here you can relax in the spa, have a wonderful massage and enjoy all the amenities of a first class resort. You will dine on the best foods, available at almost any hour. Just like most cruises, Alaska cruises are the ultimate in pampering guests.

Alaska cruises have something for everyone in the family. Along with the usual cruise amenities of pools, games, exercise, meeting new people and fun, Alaska cruises offer interesting scenery you won’t find at home. On your cruise, not only will you’ll be amazed by majestic glaciers but you might spot brown bears, eagles, humpback whales or sea lions.

If you want adventure, there are many cruise packages that can satisfy your needs as well as offer typical cruise amenities.

One popular Alaskan adventure is sea kayaking. You can pick from tours in choppy waters or, for the more tame at heart, a calmer course is offered. Sea kayaking gives you an opportunity to get outdoors and see a lot of the coastline which is abundant with local wildlife.

Hiking is another popular excursion that you can try once your cruise ship docs. You can choose from any number of guided hikes using different trails and going out for different lengths of time. It’s a great chance to get out in the wilderness and experience nature Alaska style. If this isn’t enough for you, you can even work in some rock climbing while you are off ship.

The best time to take an Alaska cruise is in the summer where you will be able to enjoy Alaska in fairly mild weather. There are 2 basic paths that cruises take one goes throught the inside passage which visits Alaskan panhandle ports and the other through the Gulf of Alaska visiting more glaciers and northern points. Be sure that you check the weather and pack accordingly!

Lee Dobbins writes for Travel Cents where you can learn more about budget travel and cruises.