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All About Residential Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair lifts specifically designed for residential areas are critical and essential if there are elderly people or disabled persons in the home. If these persons are using wheelchairs in the home, then such lifts are mandatory. Since it becomes difficult for such persons to move down and up the stairs safely, these lifts allow easy and safe access.

Easier negotiation
Once these residential wheelchair lifts are installed inside the home, the users will find it much easier to negotiate the various stairways. Once these persons are able to do this, they experience a greater sense of mobility and independence. Residential versions of wheelchair lifts not only save plenty of time but also curtail the extent of manual effort needed on the part of the user.

Special safety features
These days there are various safe, dependable as well as durable outdoor as well as indoor residential devices to aid accessibility. Various safety features already installed in such residential wheelchair lifts include emergency stop switches, sensors under the platform, floorings of anti-slip type as well as handrails are just some of the safety features included. Many of these devices have bottom plate systems infused with heightened sensitivity. These enable automatic shuttling of the lift whenever any obstacle is sensed by the lift. Hence, users of such lifts can avoid any injuries should an obstacle arise in the path. The remote controls are flexible and enable users to operate such devices on an independent and individual basis.

Unique models available
Most of the modern residential wheelchair lifts come with unique models and makes all of which, are designed to be compatible with and complement any of the upscale residential buildings. These kinds of lifts are generally available in two variants namely portable and permanent. The portable as well as permanent ones are available for outdoor as well as indoor usage. The permanent versions are operated using technology of electro-hydraulic means. These sort of lifts can accommodate all kinds of wheelchairs. The portable kinds of models, which move on their individual casters come with unique designs and can be installed very easily. All of these models are best suited for those who want to save on the flooring space.

How to get the right kind of wheelchair
It is easy to shop for residential wheelchair lifts at wholesale distributors or dealers. However, the very first thing to assess is whether the lift is truly compatible with the existing wheelchairs you have. Most distributors have different kinds of models of wheelchairs and common ones include inclined lifts of platform, vertical types of platform lifts, portable lifts for wheelchairs. All of these are designed for various sizes of wheelchairs so make sure the wheelchair lift you purchase fits the existing wheelchair perfectly. Not purchasing a well-fitted wheelchair lift will surely cause tremendous discomfort for the user, not to mention added chances of injury as well. It is best to get the user along with you when you shop for the wheelchair lift as they can assess correctly if the lift is comfortable and fits well or not.

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