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All You Should Learn Regarding The Various Kinds Of Fluoride Treatments

One of the best tools to prevent tooth caries is fluoride. This mineral compound is present in many things like foods and drinking water and continues to be used by health and professional organizations for over 50 years.

Topical Fluoride Therapies – can be used to bolster the surface enamel of teeth, giving extra resistance to tooth caries. Topical fluorides come in many forms of fluoride containing dental products including mouth rinses, toothpastes, and dental gels. An alternate manner to obtain topical fluorides is through fluoride therapies which are obtainable at your dentist’s facility. Therapies with fluoride are recommended to be performed no less than two times each year.

Systemic Fluoride – once fluoride is present in the body, it may help teeth that are still under development under the gums and also help the teeth that have previously erupted. Almost 50 percent of Canadian cities have water treatments offering systemic fluorides to Canadians. Now the bulk of food and liquids like teas contain some fluorides. One thing to remember though, too much fluoride might lead to a health condition referred to as dental fluorosis.

Sometimes there is not adequate fluoride in the body to inhibit tooth caries and you could require further fluoride therapies. Your oral health care provider might recommend professional take home fluoride treatments to help assist your tooth corrosion efforts. Here are several of the factors why you might need to add the fluoride in your individual maintenance applications: you have deep pits and cracks on the exteriors of your teeth, your roots are open and hypersensitive, your tooth hygiene is poor, your consumption of sugars happens too often, you have an insufficient exposure to fluorides, or have an inadequate saliva production due to current health conditions, medicinal treatments or medicinal drugs.

Fluoride alone is not able to inhibit tooth caries, so it is critically imperative to maintain a balanced program of daily flossing and brushing!

Professional Tooth Cleaning

Specialized oral cleanings are typically executed by registered oral hygienists and are usually accomplished right after your preliminary dental examination. The cleaning process is mainly concentrated on getting rid of the calculus also referred to as tartar. Tartar is plaque that has solidified over an extended period of time and is now firmly fixed onto the exterior of the teeth. Tartar forms below and above the gumline and can only be eliminated with special dental instruments.

The next step is the removal of plaque. Plaque is the thin sticky almost translucent coating that forms on the teeth. It is a colony of living microbes, saliva, and food particles. The bacterium irritate and inflame the gum tissues and are a prime indication of periodontal illness.

Polishing the teeth is the very last step of a professional cleaning. Polishing removes surface stains and plaque accruals that have not been removed with your daily brushing program.

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