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Aloe vera helps winter skin

We all know that winter takes its toll on our skin, going from central heating into the cold and wind, not to mention the rain, can dry out our skin and give us chapped lips and hands. Once the cold and damp really gets going then many of us end up with sore muscles and joints too. Obviously all of us, and that includes the guy, should use moisturizer in winter but often we forget that even in winter we should be using a sunscreen to protect from UV rays. Just because we cannot see the sun doesn’t mean that there are no UV rays about playing havoc with our skin.
One of the oldest known moisturizers is the gel from Aloe Vera and Forever Living Products. It has been used for thousands of years as a cosmetic and also to help heal skin. The cosmetics market is swamped with products claiming to contain aloe vera but, unfortunately, most contain very little and what they do contain is generally pasteurized and therefore all the benefits have been ‘cooked’ out of it.
We have found a fabulous range of sun screens, moisturizers and muscle rubs from Aloe Vera Products all of which contain pure Aloe Vera. The owners of the company, Andy and Andrea Hargreaves are passionate about the curative and cosmetic qualities of Aloe Vera and have linked up with the best sources to bring you high quality products.
Within the range of cosmetics are facial scrubs containing aloe vera gel with jojoba bean microspheres for exfoliation to get rid of dead skin cells and winter grime leaving your skin radiant. They have a wonderful factor 30 sunscreen which protects and moisturizes at the same time, ideal if you spent time outdoors or for you winter ski-break. Plus several great heat rubs containing aloe vera, these are fantastic for massaging the tired and achy muscles or joints we get in the winter but they are also great for sportsmen and women as massage reduces muscle recovery time by a third, bonus.
All these winter wonders can be found at along with a whole host of other aloe products. So log on and see what the companies amazing range of products can do for you this winter. Of course, buying on the site is totally safe and all your details are protected. Have your aloe vera products delivered direct to your door by Aloe Products Direct.

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