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Alternative Acne Treatments

Looking for that miracle acne treatment? I am sad to say there is no one acne treatment that cures all types of acne. What should you do? The remedy may reside in alternative acne treatments.

Many people with this chronic skin condition have no other alternative but to apply a mix of different forms of acne treatments. This is true due to the fact that acne is often the result of a series of factors, making it difficult to pinpoint the exact cause.

There are several alternative acne treatments available to help you relieve your acne condition, but you must be aware that there is no miracle treatment. These are generally effective, but take time.

You may eventually get that healthy skin so much desired, but how long it takes depends on the type of treatment applied. The alternative acne treatments most commonly used are:

1) Herbal remedies

2) Home remedies

3) Natural treatments

Herbal remedies are a good alternative if you desire a less aggressive treatment, compared to some acne prescription drugs that may cause some side effects. However, herbal remedies are not the perfect solution. One important drawback is the time it takes to obtain results.

With some of these alternative acne treatments, you may not see any significant changes to your skin before one month of daily treatment. Also, not many scientific studies exist to support herbal remedies as an effective treatment.

Home remedies are pretty much like the herbal remedies. Also presented as a good alternative to the expensive medicated treatments, being cheaper and having practically no side effects.

But just like herbal remedies, not many scientific studies exist to support home remedies. But most important, these treatments are not known to give you quick results, compared to the results obtained by the use of medicated treatments.

Natural treatments are very similar to the other alternative acne treatments already mentioned. These treatments normally do not cause any side effects, and may take several weeks before noting any significant improvements.

Also, not many scientific studies exist to support natural remedies. The main difference lies in the price. This form of alternative acne treatment may cost more that the herbal remedies and the home remedies.

Natural treatments are often treatments using processed natural products you buy from the health store, rather than using affordable natural ingredients with which you can prepare the treatment yourself. Natural treatments are also known as synthetic treatments.

All things compared, there is no particular alternative acne treatment that offers a notable advantage over another. What you should retain is that if you are in a hurry and can take the side effects, you should opt for the prescription acne drugs.

On the other hand, if you are not in a big hurry you can experiment with a combination of alternative acne treatments until you find the right formula for you.

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