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Alumacraft Boats

Aluminum Fishing Boats: A Model For Every Fisherman
Helpful buyer’s tips hints from the staff of the Aluminum Boat Guide.

Just like the variety of specialty rods and tackle available for various species and conditions, aluminum boats are designed for specific fishing boat requirements. Having lots of choices is great, of course, but it can also make selecting the right small fishing boat more challenging. If you need a bit of professional advise in addition to what this Guide provides, all of the best fishing boat companies listed below have full-time Customer Representatives dedicated to answering your bass boat questions. Simply visit the web site of Lowe Boats, Princecraft Boats, Lund Boats or Crestliner Boats for more information, or visit

Bass Boats &Crappie Boats (Flat Bottom Boats, Modified-Vs & Deep-Vs)
Ideal for shallow water, multi-species angling these modified-V type (flatter bottom) hulls from Lowe Boats & Crestliner Boats are the ideal platforms for serious aluminum bass boats and crappie boats. Available in sizes 16 feet to 19 feet, their wide aluminum boat hulls provide more freedom to work your catch, excellent seating comfort and convenience, plus ample gear storage. From small water to big water, and bass boats to walleye boats, these deep-V hull models from Lund and Princecraft provide excellent small fishing boats. Models from 16 to 20 feet. But not matter which hull type you choose, your list of pro-level fishing boat features will include: large aerated livewells, large rod lockers and gear storage compartments, moveable pedestal fishing seats plus key options including fish locators, trolling motors and various HP outboards. Features & options vary by manufacturer & model. Please see specific information for new fishing boats.

Deep-V Aluminum Fishing Boats
Pursue your prey in total confidence and security aboard these high-freeboard, full-transom serious aluminum fishboats. Available in sizes 16 feet to 20 feet in single or dual console designs with full windshields or tiller control, these small fishing boats are designed specifically for big, open water but are equally at home on smaller, calmer lakes. Your list of pro-level fishing boats feature: large aerated livewells, large locking rod lockers and gear storage compartments, comfortable, moveable fishing boat seats plus a wide list of options including: fish locators, trolling motors and various HP outboards. Features & options vary by aluminum fish boat manufacturer. But, these are usually among the best fishing boats.

Aluminum Boat Utility & Car Toppers (Utility-V Hull Boats for Sale)
These low-cost, all-purpose new fishing boats are ideal for smaller lakes with varied water. They’re perfect car toppers or multi-task lake cabin accessories. Available in aluminum boat sizes 16 feet to 20 feet. They feature light-weight all-welded & riveted construction with rugged V-type hulls and open cockpits considering new boats for sale. Available new boats feature: various seating configurations, vinyl floor coverings, helm steering consoles and oar locks, plus a wide list of options including: aluminum fish boat fish locators, Alumacraft boat style trolling motors and various HP outboards. Features and options on these new fishing boats vary by manufacturer & model also. Please see aluminum boats manufacturer’s model info for details.

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