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Amazing Stylish Motorola Razr2 V8 Silver

Motorola Razr2 V8 Silver casing is made from a strong stainless steel cover which is attractive and practical. The overall appearance of the Motorola RAZR2 V8 is an eye catching mobile phone with a large and colorful external screen, the unmistakable Motorola RAZR2 V8 profile is now even sharper, with stunning finishes in metal and glass. Motorola Razr2 V8 also unbelievably slimmer and good looking, which makes the incredible amount of music, pictures and video that fit inside even more amazing. Motorola is poised to redefine greatness again.

The MOTOROLA RAZR2 V8 brings the revolutionary Motorola Razr2 V8 form to a new level of sophistication. Funny thing about the Motorola RAZR 2 V8, Even though the internal screen is 0.2-inches larger, Motorola Razr2 actually the external display that seems more capacious. Also, don’t laugh our favorite part about this thing is the rear. Motorola Razr2 V8 just got really nice, clean lines. The rest, well, it’s a Motorola phone, so take that how you will and adjust your expectations accordingly. We were never thrilled with the old RAZR menus. Motorola is bragging about the new phone’s use of Linux and Java, though we’re more curious about navigation and usability than the kernel underpinnings.

Motorola Razr2 V8 was an ultra-slim design makes this the thinnest Motorola RAZR2 V8 yet at 11.9mm.The reflective vacuum zed metal and hardened glass front catches light and creates visual intrigue. The Motorola Razr2 V8 2″ external color QVGA display 320×240 resolution provides our largest ever and features interactive soft keys for music with a vibration response. More entertainment features on Motorola Razr2 V8 to the Windows Media Player 11 lets you access over 200 online music stores worldwide including favorites such as MTV Urge, Yahoo and Napster.

Motorola Razr2 V8 2MP camera with 8X digital zoom takes high quality pictures and provides up to 2 hours of video capture and playback, easily transfer to the music and videos. Motorola Razr2 V8 have a high-speed web access1 with content that’s intelligently sized to fit your screen, there’s no need for horizontal scrolling. Opera 8.5 Browser provides a full HTML browsing experience

Motorola Razr2 V8 silver music player includes stereo micro-USB headset and a compatible Bluetooth enabled headset.512MB of on-board shared memory with a storage capacity of up to 200 songs. High Speed USB 2.0 gives you fast data transfers. Integrated Bluetooth wireless technology facilitates imaging, printing and peer-to-peer gaming. Crystal Talk helps deliver crystal clear voice quality in noisy environments. For more details visit

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