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American Bulldogs – An Overview of the Breed

American bulldogs are currently quite popular because of their masculine appearance and their traits. However, these dogs can be a little difficult when it comes to training. If you handle it the right way then it can also be much fun and entertaining. Often people with no experience in owning a dog find it difficult to train their puppies. This may result into an out of control, unhappy or an aggressive dog. With some care and right knowledge it is possible to avoid the problems and to have a pet that is disciplined and fun to have around.

Dogs Need Exercise
The most important thing about American bulldogs you should know that these are very active and powerful dogs. The breed may not be very convenient pets for each person since they do need constant care and regular exercises. Exercising your dog doesn’t have to take several hours. If you are active and maintain a regular schedule to take your pet out it will be good enough. You will also have to learn the right way to exercise, train and stimulate these dogs in order to effectively handle them and discipline them.

Personality Traits
American bulldogs tend to be happy and devoted. They can be very friendly and they get along with children and families well. On the other hand, they need a lot of stimulation. Since they are larger than most other types of family dogs it is best to get one when you have older kids rather than infants. If you do have infants it is best to keep a watch over them since these dogs are large in size and quite heavy. These dogs are never known to attack or bite and if you train them well they can also be very careful around children. If they have been trained to behave well, they will also get along well with your other family pets.

Socializing and Loyalty
These dogs are very loyal and they are fiercely protective of their owners because of their guarding instincts. Often, they may be reserved or a bit aggressive around people they don’t know. This can easily be avoided if you socialize the dog well since they are puppies. Socializing needs to be handled in a particular way so getting professional training for your pet can be quite helpful. Like any other dogs, these American bulldogs will also require very specific grooming, care and training so you must learn more about them before you get home a puppy.

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