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Among The Best Weight Loss Methods – These 3 Fat Loss Secrets Are King

Amazing thing is…

Nearly all the phenomenal weight loss stories I’ve personally witnessed.

The ones that brought about borderline unbelievable transformations. Shocking “before and after’s”.

Were caused by weight loss methods that consisted at some level of the following three secrets.

They’re mind-blowingly simple.

Basic even.

Which is why most just skip past on their quest for something more complicated. More “scientific”. They foolishly believe that it has to be hard. Complicated. That somehow losing weight must be a struggle.

What garbage!

Simplicity is sweet. And the results of the basics speak for themselves.

Secret #1: Don’t go beyond the point you are full.

Best definition of Over-eating is “eating beyond the point you are full.”

Funny thing happens when you do… Your stomach actually expands. No joke! Crazy to note… consistently over-eating creates an “ever expanding” stomach.

The result?

It requires bigger and bigger meals to “fill you up”. And bigger meals means extra POUNDS and INCHES around your waistline.

This is typically how someone reaches a weight in excess of fifty or more pounds over their “ideal”. They just don’t think they’re eating that much because it’s taking so much more to fill them up!

Bottom line… learn portion control.

Secret #2: Several small meals

Six small meals beats three bigger meals any day.

Most people have learned this over the years. Problem is… consistently applying it.

Say you discipline yourself for the next seven days. Consume six small meals a day, each day, and you will most likely find that your appetite goes “through the roof”.

It’s because your metabolism is being forced to operate throughout the day.

This consistent digestion of food actually sets your body on “fat burning mode.” It’s physiological. And it is one of the simplest things you can do to lose weight fast.

Secret #3: Diet.

Not like “starving” yourself, cutting carbs or eliminating fatty foods.

Diet, as in WHAT you eat.

Best diet for weight loss consists of carbohydrates and proteins. I’ve found that about a 60% carb to 40% protein split can work wonders. Biggest secret is learning how to split it all up.

Consume the “bulk” of your starchy carbs (pasta, bread, etc.) before the last two meals of the day. And always in the presence of a protein. This will go a long ways in keeping the excess fat off your belly.

When you eat food, a whole slew of chemical reactions explode in your body. Correctly combining carbs and proteins creates the kind of reactions that lead to a lean, firm body.

Those are the three secrets.

The fool-proof fat-burners I’ve found at the core of the best weight loss methods.

It’s uncanny how predictable a person’s results will be.

If they are consistently following a weight loss method that has implemented these three secrets… it’s unusual if that person does not get exceptional results.

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