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An Affordable Oil Field Equipment Solution

Oil is hard to find and expensive. Finding good oil field equipments can be just as hard when you are on a tight budget. Oil equipments such as drilling tools, work over equipment, pulling units, oil field safety equipment, mud pumps, power swivels, masts, substructures, drawworks, crown blocks, travelling blocks and so on can be a real pain to source if you do not know where to look for. Oil field equipments vary with geographies and tools for one region might not work with your next site.

To run your oil business profitably, you need equipment that is affordable and reliable. Spending for new equipment can severely eat into your profits and this is where used equipment can come in handy. Oil business is time oriented and delays caused by oil equipment can be catastrophic. Every non-working day in an oil field is a loss and we understand this better than anybody else. New as well as old quality oil equipments are difficult to procure because there are very few genuine dealers who understand the requirements of varying clients. All equipments handled by Genesis are genuine and delivered in a matter of days. So you do not have to wait weeks before you lay hand on your equipment.

Irrespective of the type of your project, Genesis can get you oil field equipment depending on your needs. We have the largest inventory of new as well as old oil field equipments completely serviced and ready for action. Quality service with affordability is what Genesis is all about. We also have tie-ups with large numbers of oil field equipment manufacturers who can create custom machines just for your projects. If you cannot find equipment on our inventory or anywhere else for that matter, we can bring in what you need from outside sources at prices that would astound you. We also have an elite team of oil field equipment experts who can give you professional advice on the type of equipment you need to use for any given project. Just send in your project requirements and we’ll quote you the lowest price on the planet. No more transporting unnecessary oil field equipment from site to site, just sell what you don’t need and buy essential equipment directly with Genesis. Send in your oil field requirements and specifications and we’ll get you choices for all your needs. Oil equipments just don’t get any more viable that this, so don’t wait take action now!

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