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Android Honeycomb Application Development – featured tablet apps

Opposite to this Google android operating system is sold on many different device types with different screen resolutions and sizes, so you can buy your type and with not spending many bucks on it. So, where the idea of Honeycomb came


Android now becoming popular and achieving Google’s expectations has made Google feel the need for slightly new OS with better looks, user interface and multitasking capabilities for professional people and targeted towards more

usefulness in the business sector and also big screen gaming. And hence they came-up with first operating system dedicated to only tablets, Honeycomb. With launching of the OS started the new era of tablet computing and era of

application development for the same. Android Honeycomb Application Development has been started and is slowly becoming popular app launching platform for business.

Android Honeycomb Application Development is based on the same frame that what developers have used for android application development. Honeycomb Application Development is bit different from that of the android app development, as it

is different when it comes to basic features provided by the honeycomb OS. As the OS is more made towards handling things on bigger screens and multi tasking it is also reflected on the development side. Typically honeycomb application
development environment is same as that of android app development, the difference comes when you run the simulator and then it puts your patience on test. Honeycomb application development testing simulator is so slow that sometimes you

need to wait for few minutes for one click to show the effect, and trust me that it has nothing to do with your latest core i7 process or latest graphic card. Well Google by now might have got idea and might be sorting that out soon,

till than guys and gals who are developing on this has to bear with it just like us.

Apart from the simulator, so far android honeycomb application development has been good experience and typically gives sense of Java development somewhere hidden in it. Not as developer friendly as the iOS SDK, but yet efficient enough

that you can do good application development. We will discuss about more technical side of the honeycomb app development on our next article. Till then if anyone gets the simulator running fast … Please let me know!!!

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