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Annuals Or Perennials – Spring Time

Annuals and perennials are garden flowers. Annual flowers are planted and come up in the spring. They are gorgeous flowers in bloom. Their lifespan is from spring to fall. The only way to preserve annual garden flowers is to dig them up and replant in flower pots to be placed indoors during the fall and winter season.

Perennials are garden flowers that return year after year. This is partly due to the seedlings that the flowers drop in fall. It is amazing how perennials seedlings can handle the cold of winter and reemerge in the spring.

There are numerous annual and perennial garden flowers to choose from. Geranium; impatiens; lantana; and coleus have to be dug up and cared for indoors during fall and winter.

Flowers such as the petunia; cosmos; cleome are examples of annuals that act as perennials . Their seedlings that was dropped in fall will return in the spring.

When planting annuals it is important to keep the flower plants at an equal level. The soil needs to be loosen up to plant the flowers. Then firmly pack the soil around the roots of the garden flowers. Any time you plant flowers , they will need watered right away to prevent the roots from becoming dried out and possibly killing the flower plant.

If you prefer to buy annuals potted to reset out in your flower garden, there are important steps to take when resetting.

After removing from pot it is essential to remove the soil from around the roots. This allows the roots to breathe. The annuals stand a better chance in taking root in your garden bed. Be careful not to bruise the plant roots when removing from the pots. Turning the flower pot upside down to remove the flowering plant is better. You may need to use some phosphorous fertilizer if you are just starting a flower garden.

Annuals need to be set out when the soil is warm. Flower growth will be more abundant. Eventually, your flower garden will be full of luxurious flowers to admire throughout the season.

Watering your flower garden in the early morning is best. This gives the soil time to conserve moisture in the root area. It is not recommended to water flowers in the heat of the day. The heat absorbs all the moisture and the flower roots are left to dry out and die.

Take all the necessary steps to secure your flower garden. You will be amazed at the beauty your garden will provide to your lawn. There is an old saying ,that flowers are the closest way to get to a woman’s heart . Take pride in working your flower garden.

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