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Anti-Aging – Stay One Step Ahead Of The Game

Anti-aging health has literally exploded in the last few years particularly as the world’s baby boomer population keep searching for ways to maintain some semblance of youthfulness. This generation of folks has been responsible for just about every major boom we’ve seen during the last 60 years and now, they are targeting health and wellness.

Anti-aging relates to both outside physical appearance and internal appearance. The anti-aging craze has meant billions of dollars being spent each year on products such as anti-aging cream, drug, food, cosmetic and anti-aging antioxidant products and major companies can’t “pump” new products out fast enough.

There are quick fix solutions such as anti-aging cream. They’re designed to temporarily reduce the signs of wrinkles and from a manufacturers point-of-view, they’re an absolute boon given they are a consumable product that needs to be replenished everytime the user runs out.

When do people start thinking in terms of anti-aging health. My estimate would be when they turn the corner at age 30; heck, it’s only 10 years away from 40 and they, in the main, don’t want to lose their youthful looks. But can Father Time really be met head on? Well, there is nothing known yet to human kind that will actually stop and reverse the aging process unless there is a successful secret experiment conducted in a lab somewhere in the world that we are not aware of yet. However, yes, the anti-aging process can be slowed somewhat and if you have just turned 30 take heed; now is the time to take steps to ensure you’ll age gracefully over the next 50 years.

My philosophy has always been if you look after your body, particularly your body cells, then anti-aging should be smooth sailing. How? Nutrition. A proper nutrition balanced diet with associated exercise. The right and optimum balance of antioxidants and minerals daily is a great start. Anti-aging health shouldn’t be something you decide is a good idea when it’s too late. Your body cells are constantly bombarded by those little nasties called free radicals and if left unchecked, without the daily optimum replinishment of antioxidants and minerals, over time, they will kickstart a degeneration process that more often than not, can’t be reversed. The good news is that this process does usually occur over an extended period of time. Antioxidants, like little body commandos, will seek out these free radicals and neutralise them. But, you need to keep them coming on a daily basis.

The effect?

Healthy body cells means you are one step ahead of the anti-aging health game. Set the pace and make sure you don’t slip back and become another aging statistic.

Dean Caporella is a broadcaster with a wide interest in social issues such as anti-aging. For news, views and reviews on anti-aging, visit: