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Applications Of Concrete Cutting And Wall Sawing

Concrete cutting and demolition Brisbane have numerous applications in all construction and mining projects. These tasks are broken up into smaller ones including drilling, coring, road sawing and wall sawing. Each of these tasks is carried out using highly technical and appropriate tools, equipment and machinery in order to make sure that there is high degree of precision and accuracy. Also, it is essential that the workers be trained to perform the demolition process. There are many demolition companies that provide complete turn-key solutions to meet the necessary requirements of the project.

Wall sawing techniques. –

Wall sawing is more appropriately called remote control track sawing. For this technique, a diamond blade is employed on a track-mounted machine and is used for vertical and horizontal cuts. The track can be attached to the surface and cuts up to 1.2 meters. Bolting of the track can be done beneath the suspended slab and the saw can be affixed to cut upside down. Cutting can be performed from both sides of concrete. It is ideal for using on steep surfaces where a flat saw or slab saw cannot be used. Wall sawing allows cuts with more precise dimensions.

Wall sawing applications. –

Wall sawing is used when you want to remove large or small sections of concrete for a variety of purposes. It is ideal in cases where deep cutting or precise opening is required. The technique can be applied wherever the track can be bolted, such as walls, floors, stairs, columns, beams, ventilation units, vaults, foundations, ducts, large diameter pipes and windows. There can be some specialized applications such as finishing of roughed-in walls. Wall sawing can remove part or all of existing walls. It is highly effective on newly poured concrete and also on remodeled or rehabilitated structures.

Wall sawing equipment. –

Hydraulic-powered equipment is used for wall sawing. The operation of the saw is performed with the use of remote control and the hydraulic system means there will be no fumes and no noise pollution caused by the engine. It is designed for maximum safety for the workers and the wall sawing unit is a portable device which is very easy to use by trained professionals.

Cutting through concrete at an extremely fast rate is best performed using wall sawing techniques with the use of specialized equipment. Concrete cutting is now performed with equipment using added safety features and the use of remote control to ensure there are straight and accurate cuts, even when the surfaces are steep.

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