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Are Disposable Contact Lenses Right For You?

Disposable contact lenses emerged in the late 1980s and are now a popular contact lens. Disposable contact lenses means you can throw them away. They can normally be replaced about every two weeks but there are also daily disposables and monthly disposables. People who choose disposable contact lenses do so because they are both affordable and convenient, particularly if you order the lenses from an online contact lens retailer. The following is some information to help you decide if disposable contact lenses are right for you.

Types of Disposable Contact Lenses

There are differences among It is important frequent replacement contact lenses, reusable contact lenses, and disposable lenses with each having a certain time period when they have to be replaced. Actual disposable lenses need to be replaced once every two weeks or sooner. Daily wear lenses are lenses you wear daily but you must remove them each night before going to bed. Daily disposable lenses are contact lenses you wear and replace daily.

Caring For Disposable Contacts

When you wear disposable contacts, you must replace them at the instructed time in order to avoid eye health problem because over time protein can accumulate on the lenses and cause vision problems and eye infections. As well, it will make wearing the lenses more comfortable. With disposables you do not have to worry about cleaning and sterilization because you throw out your lenses and replace them with a new pair.

When you wear disposables, you just open a new pack of lenses at the time you want to wear them and then wear them through the day. At night, you dispose of them before you go to bed. They work just like traditional lenses, providing vision correction, but may only be used for a single day or another specific time period. You can’t sleep in daily disposable lenses.

Benefits of Disposable Contact Lenses

Disposable lenses are very affordable, especially when buying them online. Most disposable lenses are made of similar materials as traditional lenses. They provide the same vision correction as traditional contacts. Many find disposable lenses cheaper because they do not have to buy cleaning and disinfection solutions. Disposable contact lenses are also available to correct many types of vision problems such as astigmatism.

Disposable contact lenses offer an easy and convenient alternative to traditional contacts. These lenses are a popular choice for occasional wearers of contacts. You can even find disposable contacts for various eye health conditions and even colored contacts. They are an effective and comfortable alternative to eyeglasses. Contact lens should not be worn for longer than the replacement period. The best way to determine the best eye care solution for you is to consult with your eye doctor. Your eye doctor will determine the actual replacement schedule that is right for you. The recommendation will be based on the health of your eyes, tear chemistry, daily activities, and the type of lens chosen for you. It can be either from one day, one week, two weeks, one month, or longer. With the right prescription, it will make it much easier to buy brand name disposable contacts online at a greatly discounted price.

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